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  • battineni
    06-21 11:07 AM
    Presently workig for company "A"

    My PD : Mar 2004 - EB3
    140 - Approved - Mar 2008

    Now I'm planning to move to another company("B").

    What are the chances to keep my PD, even though my company "A" revokes my 140?

    what are the chances/risks for Company"A" to revoke my 140??

    Thanks for your time.

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  • supers789
    09-21 03:35 PM
    I recently changed my job, after getting a receipt from new employer. But I noticed that the attorney has done a typo in my middle name. she added 1 extra letter in the middle. can anyone please let me know if this would create any problem for me getting the H1B transfer approval and what is the way to correct it? Since I have already left my old job, I am kind of worried. Please reply back if anyone has come accross or aware of such case.


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  • UKannan
    02-21 08:04 PM
    You can still get a 1 year extension claiming that your PERM application is still pending. It all depends on the officer that the decision has not been made on PERM application.

    How he can claim that "PERM application is still pending" when it's already denied!!! :)

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  • nuke
    08-22 10:02 AM
    USCIS has been saying that they control the flow of visa numbers because they are expecting huge rush of 245i cases. But is there any law or clause which says that they have to work in sync with DOL. I think what the law says is that they should approve the received cases accroding to priority dates and don't have to collaborate with any other department or agency. What makes USCIS so sure that all the cases at DOL will be certified and eventually come to 485 stage. If they are so sure that all of these cases will be certified then why do we even need labour certification process. I think we should lobby the USCIS to release a quarter of yearly quota every 3 months and concentrate on already filed cases and not on whats expected.
    Secondly we should try to find out if all the alloted visas in this year were used up or not. Another doubt I have is, when is a visa number used when USCIS starts working on a case or when a case is approved. If its used up when a case is approved then what happens to the visa numbers which are released in the last month of the year, Are all of those cases approved in one month?


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  • ImmiUser
    12-01 04:58 PM
    so does it means I can have only one GC (I485) processing at a time ? I can't have two GC(I-485) processing in parallel , one dependent I-485 which was filed through my husband's and another one filed under my own GC processing ? Actually, as I already have I-485 filed under EB3 and was planning to file another one under EB2 and though I will take the one whichever gets approved first. Also, this way there will be a backup plan as well. But seems like that is not feasible..huh (

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  • logiclife
    01-25 09:48 PM
    On behalf of core group, I apologize to you and your wife for the abusive language that someone used.

    We tried to moderate the forum posts. At any time, there are nearly 200-300 people reading the forums and nearly 20-25 posting. Its a tough thing to moderate every thread since we do this along with day-to-day fulltime jobs.

    I have to close this thread otherwise this thread will spiral into a thread war that none of us want. And we cannot have such threads continue as its embarrassing for us all.

    If you'd like, you can email me if you want to talk about this issue so that I can explain more.

    Thanks for understanding.


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  • seeniraj
    04-28 09:53 PM
    Could you please post the RFE details ?

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  • waitingmygc
    11-20 03:35 PM
    Minimum requirement for Sr. Software Engineer can be MS + 2 years experience.

    If Sr. Software Engineer is not your current designation then go with SE instead of SSE.


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  • akp22
    06-16 08:51 PM
    Hi All,
    I have my EB2 485 pending (since July, 2007). I have EAD based on that filing. I am also on H1B - so I am not using EAD. But my wife intends to use EAD (based on our current EB2 based 485 filing) from coming August.

    In the meanwhile I have got my EB1 140 approved. My question is if we file for 485 based on EB1 petition, do we lose our current EAD till a new EAD is issued under new filing? Are there ways to ensure that my wife continues with her employment and I move ahead with 485 filing?

    Thanks for help.

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  • lonedesi
    08-05 12:22 PM
    The thread you linked for I-140 delays. I am asking about I-485 approvals :)

    I am waiting for my I-485 approval too. So you can change I-140 to I-485 and send the letter to Ombudsman's office.


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  • realist
    01-07 09:08 AM
    Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) isn�t wasting any time with his immigration agenda, dropping a bill on the first day of Congress that goes after birthright citizenship.

    King�s measure would amend the Immigration and Nationality Act, ending automatic citizenship for anyone born in the country. Instead, the measure requires that only the children of citizens, legal immigrants permanently living in the country or immigrants in the military, be granted citizenship.

    Republicans grabbed headlines last summer after Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) criticized the longstanding law, saying it encourages pregnant women to come to the country to have children so they can eventually become citizens themselves.

    Though others have called for changing the 14th Amendment, King said that ending birthright citizenship through statute makes sense because it�s easier to do.

    �We need to address anchor babies,� he told POLITICO Wednesday. �This isn�t what our founding fathers intended.�

    Immigration legislation isn�t high on the list of priorities for House GOP leaders.

    At least five other members � Reps. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.), Gary Miller (R-Calif.), Rob Woodall (R-Ga.), Brian Bilbray (R-Calif.) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) � are co-sponsoring King�s measure.

    Read more: Steve King unveils birthright bill - Simmi Aujla - (

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  • lvinaykumar
    04-11 05:25 PM
    if that is true. then some ppl i know are in trouble. Where did you find this information....


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  • nick2deep
    02-23 06:39 PM
    I have a B.E in Electronics (4 years) and an PGDM in IT (2 years) from India but my I140 is denied on the basis that my PGDM School in India would accept 3 years undergrad and thus the education is not equivalent to M.S in US. I did send the educational evaluation along with I140 but the decision was made on the descretion on CIS.

    Please advice if I should refile with education evaluation from anothe agency.

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  • mchundi
    09-12 04:20 PM
    nkavjs, I am with you brother.

    so am i. called the USCIS custoner service rep. she asked me to call back in the last week of sep.


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  • sbdol
    08-12 01:35 PM
    except to beg one of those guys who used LS. Ask them!
    Please I beg you, did you purchase my labor? Did your company offered it
    to keep you IN? Did your uncle/relative offered it to you...
    I have a feeling that watermelons are sour...:D ( as some monkey quoted about legits)
    Man/Woman I feel for you.....
    In fact a mean and hopeless employer probably would not tell the original name on the LC to whomever he sells it.

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  • MiniCooperS123
    July 23rd, 2004, 10:16 AM
    Thank you very much for the info. I've always loved photography just never found the time to learn all these things. Seems like I am making up for lost time now. I might keep the 28-80 since it came with my Rebel 2000 and I got it for my bar mitzvah. I wish I didn't though, since I would probably sell everything. I might just sell the 100-300 and get the D70. I guess I could get the 300d, but it looks like my rebel and doesn't look as nice as the D70. Who knows, I am going to a couple of camera shops to fool around with them to make my mind up. Thanks for the information.

    Applying for I-485 - Confused, please help!! [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Applying for I-485 - Confused, please help!!


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  • Rajeev
    07-02 09:36 AM
    Do I have give all I-94s cards on departure from US or only the one attached to the passport? Of course all are having the same number.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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  • crystal
    07-01 08:53 AM
    are u sure about it ?
    Ya thats true but these people must return these GC's as they were processe by mistake, anyday they figure it out these guys will be out of US ....

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  • 123Wait
    10-25 05:58 PM
    I attended the last telecon and it was very informative. Let show our issue to the real person "Ombudsman". where things move faster!!!!

    Who is ombudsman?
    An ombudsman is an official, usually appointed by the government or by parliament, who is charged with representing the interests of the public by investigating and addressing complaints reported by individual citizens.

    04-22 09:27 PM
    cause no one would pay money for MSN.... lol....

    nice work ya3

    11-11 08:22 PM
    When the dates are current then only you can add your wife name to your pending 485, until then you have to wait based upon your priority dates EB1 or EB2, during this time you should maintain your H1B status inorder to keep you wife H4 status valid.

    presently EB2 ---- 01 JUN 03 and EB3 ----->01 OCT 01

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