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  • GCVivek
    04-20 02:42 PM
    Let her come on her own (H1/B2) to the US and then you can apply for spousal visa to extend her stay.

    Here's my situation in briefest form. I'm engaged to a woman in the Philippines. She worked as a domestic helper in Kuwait from about 2005 to 2007, a period of about 2.5 years total.

    I understand that as we move forward on our K1 application (I'm an American just be clear) she'll be required to submit police reports for anyplace she has lived for more than 6 months. She doesn't have such an item from Kuwait, and it seems nearly impossible to obtain such a report. The websites all say that this document is only given to 'current residents'.

    How can we obtain such document, and what if we can't? It seems unfathomable that the US Gov would request a possibly unobtainable document and then permanently deny our chance to live in the US together, if we are absolutely unable to obtain this document?

    Does anyone have any advice, or can tell me what happens in a situation such as this?

    Thanks for any help.

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  • madhu
    05-20 04:37 PM

    I posted this thread with my assumptions using the May 2010 demand data and Pending 485 report 09/09

    Source:- EB3 Movement Tracking - Immigration Wiki (

    Any thoughts in this gurus !

    See the spreadsheet for details


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  • vinodkumarn
    09-24 10:30 PM
    Today i received my EAD card, It says fingerprint not available. I have not yet received FP notice

    Has this happened to anybody else, will i have to update EAD card after FP, how does this work

    Filed on July 16th, My checks were cashed on 10th Sep


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  • salvador marley
    04-25 12:48 PM
    thanks guys


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  • pd_recapturing
    10-24 07:57 PM
    Absolutely, you can apply a fresh labor any time irrespective of your filing stage. Lots of people do that.

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  • razis123
    05-28 01:48 PM
    If you are actually using the EAD you cannot work in the interim though. Just an FYI
    how will the uscis know that during the interim period my work is authorized and not mistake it saying the EAD is expired and does an RFE?


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  • GSingh
    06-19 01:01 AM

    How long does it takes to get an Advanced Parole documents after filing I485?
    Will it be safe to file I485 and AP/EAD if I am planning to go to India in next 4 or 5 months?


    Contributed $ 200

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  • rajas
    05-15 03:33 PM
    Hi Guys,
    I am also thinking abt applying for Canada PR?How much would it cost? Is location specific?


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  • vivek_k
    08-13 12:10 PM
    NSC is going very tough on A2P issues. I have had a A2P issues on my 140 with Nebraska. Suggest you hire a good attorney and you can resolve this in your favour. PM me if you need any additional information.

    What is A2P? Thanks.

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  • edaltsis
    08-19 01:44 PM
    Have to live at the mercy. My last 2 EAD renewals were very quick, I got them both in 10-15days after I applied.


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  • admin
    04-06 10:51 AM
    I'm deleting the original text of this post since it is causing confusion: Only Hagel Martinez Provisions Being Considered, Not Oct 05 Hagel Bill.

    I've started getting phone calls, and emails on this.

    Please find a definitive source before posting any facts and figures in the next few days. There are likely to be a lot of rumors and theories flying around.

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  • andy garcia
    02-27 03:44 PM

    How come you guys do not want to go back there?

    Taken from the ad.

    "The world has long been fascinated by India's culture, history, and recently, the country's spectacular economic growth. With a per annum growth exceeding 8%, India presents an exciting opportunity for domestic and multinational companies alike. Throughout this conference we will explore the various sectors driving this economic expansion."


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  • kondur_007
    08-18 09:58 AM
    Here is my opinion:

    I understand that your wife has now two I 94s: One when she entered on H4 (we will call it OLD) and one when she returned from Mexico with F1 visa stamp (we will call it NEW). And both are attached to her passport.

    First of all, I dont think this is a major deal. You can do one of the two things:

    1. First option is to go to near by international airport and meet CBP officer. Explain him the situation (show him the copy of air ticket to mexico and appointment letter with the consulate); chances are, he will take care of the old I 94 (but make sure to keep a copy for yourself for future reference). And you can forget about the whole thing (just keep copies of old I 94, air ticket, appt letter for future reference if any question arises at any time).

    2. Second option is to nothing about this and just keep the old I94, a copy of it, copies of air ticket and appoinntment letter for your file and close the file until and unless you are asked about it. Chances are, they would have automatically changed the information in their system and you may never be asked about this old I 94. If they do, you can tell them the truth what happened. I dont think it is a major deal.

    I would personally go with option 1 if the nearby international airport is not too far.

    In either case, make sure of one thing: Whenever your wife leaves, she must surrender the new I 94 and not the old one. Best way is, take the old I 94 out of the passport so no confusion arises.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

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  • nrk
    06-03 10:30 AM
    Based on the numbers EB2 India should be in the range of Oct 2005 to Dec 2005 by September 2010


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  • kiran24
    06-24 02:24 AM
    I had a TB test yesterday. Waiting to go to doctor on Monday to get results. Hope I get negative result :eek:

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  • colemancol
    12-09 09:22 AM
    According to my knowledge the majority of name checks submitted are electronically checked and returned to the submitting agency as having "No Record" within 48-72 hours. The processing time for FBI name checks usually take from 30-120 days but timing does vary from case to case. The FBI�s intention is to have all visa requests processed within 120 days. Most name check requests that are over 60 days old are the result of the time required to retrieve and review field office record information. Any case which is not processed within this time frame is usually delayed because of a potential "hit" which will be further reviewed manually.


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  • prom2
    10-02 08:59 PM
    If you have a copy of filled-up I-131, look at question 5 in part 3 in the 2nd page. That will tell you where the AP document will be sent.


    Please close this thread also.

    That question 5 should not responded if you are applying for AP.
    Read the note below question 3.

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  • hara_patta_for_rico
    07-17 01:47 PM
    There is an on AILA titled...Update (Such As It Is) on the Visa Bulletin Debacle (Updated 2pm)
    Does anyone know what it is about?

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-12 02:42 PM

    We started getting reply from Ombudsman. Please send 4 mails.

    08-21 11:51 AM

    Should we use this facility? Has anyone used it before? Inputs appreciated.

    07-13 01:18 AM
    Would going to Canada and re-entering without going for visa stamping count as lawful entry??

    Yes (assuming you stayed in Canada for less than 2 weeks or whatever is that number).

    Or one has to go and get the visa stamped to qualify as lawful entry??

    Also when you go to Canada and come back Without VISA stamping, he gets the same I-94 or different I-94??

    If you did not submit your old I-94 at the time of entering canada, then you keep the same I-94. In fact, if you do not have a valid visa stamp (i.e., you are entering using visa revalidation), then it is best not to submit your current I-94.

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