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12 5 weeks pregnant

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  • vdokka
    09-11 11:00 PM
    Hi Friends,

    Please read the below query and post any information you have. Thanks in advance for your help !

    I have an appointment for H1 VISA re-stamping in Toronto, Canada in 2nd week of October

    My current H1 VISA is valid until Nov 2006.

    I am planning to get restmped based on my new H1 petition valid until Sep 2008.

    The problem here is that my passport is valid only until Dec 2007.

    In this case Can I get the new VISA stamped until Sep 2008?
    On the website it says that "To be eligible for a VISA, you passport must be valid for at least 6 months past intended stay in the United States"

    Please post your valuable replies.


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  • nmdial
    03-12 07:19 AM
    As far as I know, one is only required to file taxes on foreign accounts if they have $10000 or more in their accounts at any time during the financial year. Please correct me if I am wrong. Also, check: Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) (,,id=148849,00.html)

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  • jonty_11
    05-21 05:47 PM
    You think its that easy to swing it our way with DEMS in power.....aint happenning.

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  • nousername
    09-14 07:26 PM
    Thanks for sharing your experience.. BTW, were you using your AP for the first time? I have heard that while traveling on AP you need to go through secondary screen, which takes time. Is that true?


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  • jonty_11
    02-19 12:32 PM
    As per may work on CIR in March 07 and hand it over to House by APril 07....House may however sit on it for years on end...

    02/18/2007: Need for Immigration Reform and Concerns with Growing Gridlock in Legislations in the Congress

    The Democrats launched a new Congress with aggressive platforms and legislative agenda on January 4, 2007. Madame Pelosi of the House set the first 100-hour legislative agenda and the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid presented on the Senate floor ten legislative bills as top priority for the first few months of the Senate.
    However, immersed in the party politics, the Congress left the Hill yesterday, Saturday, for a week long break without achieving a lot because of the gridlock it had faced in the Congress. Samo, Samo Washington politics involving the Republicans and Democrats. It practically means that the Congress wll not resume the active legislative activities until March 2007.
    S. 9, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, adopted by the Senate floor, is in the Judiciary Committee of the Senate. The newly elected Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Sen. Leahy, reportedly set the CIR as one of the top agenda of the Judiciary Committee for March 2007 and the Democratic leaders reportedly determined to pass the CIR by April 2007 and quickly send it over to the House for its prompt action. How beautiful the agenda of the new Congress.
    We want to watch carefully how closely the leaders of the House and Senate will follow through the agenda. In a way, from the perspectives of this immigration legislation agenda, we are relieved that the Congress was over with the most serious road block to the Congress, to wit, rebuke of Bush's resurge in Iraq.

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  • pappu
    07-17 09:44 AM
    IF everyone contributes an average of $200, we will have $ 4 million and IV WILL have all the resources to resolve all of our problems.....

    WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ???????????



    Wow I did not realize we are now 20K + strong. This is incredible. The stronger we are the better we can do with our advocacy efforts.


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  • drirshad
    05-05 02:23 AM

    April 22, 2010

    PURPOSE: The purpose of the Texas Service Cemer (TSC) employment-based (EB) 1-485 Email Pilot Special Notification Initiative is to prOVide a mechanism by which applicants can facilitate TSC processes relating to speCific EB 1-485 application scenarios through an email address. The email address for this purpose is:
    Applicants will receive an automatic reply from TSC stating that the email was received. After submitting infonnation through this pilot email initiative, one follow-up inquiry may be sent if no communication has been received from TSC, such as a decision notice, a request for evidence, or other notice, within 90 days.
    The automatic email reply will proVide further information on how to submit the follow-up inquiry. This email account does not replace general inquiry processes that are in place for users; general inquiries
    received at this email account will not be addressed.

    1. What is the procedure to notify TSC when an applicant is eligible for porting under AC21?
    I. You should identify only one applicant in a single e-mail. E-mails must pertain to applicants whose 1-485s have been pending for 180 or more days and who are eligible for AC21 porting.
    2. You should send an email to:
    3. On the subject line, you should write "EB 1-485/AC21." (Example: EB 1-485/AC21).
    4. In the text of the email, you should prOVide: A-number, old employer's name and new employer's name. You should attach a copy of the new employer's letter of employment. The letter must
    identify the follOWing information: the new employer, the letter's author and his/her job title, applicants new job title, start date of new employment, hours per week, salary, and specific description of the duties to be performed.
    5. If the applicant has more than one A-number, you should type them both on the same line separated by a "/". (Example: All 1222333 I A444555666). If there are multiple family members, you should type them all on the same line separated by commas. (Example: AIII222333, A222333444, A444555666). You should also indicate which of the A-numbers is that of the principal 1-485 applicam I 1-140 beneficiary.

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  • GTGC
    02-07 04:47 PM
    A few days ago there was a soft LUD on my spouses and my I485 applications. I am the primary applicant and I also had a LUD on my I140(approved in 2006).

    Then a couple of days later the message changed for my spouse and we recieved a physical notice in the mail from USCIS. The notice stated that-
    Only my spouses I 485 application was transferred from TSC to NSC. The reason for transfer of the application was "faster processing".

    Has anyone had this experience where the derivative application was sent to another service center but the Primary application remained in the original center.

    My lawyer says this is normal processing.


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  • windsordesi
    04-23 12:05 AM
    I am a passive reader of this forum for a long time and greatly respect knowledge and helpful attitude here,

    I received the RFE on 485 for both myself and my wife. Currently we have only received the the email and notice will be sent to my lawyer

    Company:A for Programmer/Analyst: and 140 is approved.

    I was jobless for 3 weeks from Mid March and since then I have joined a decent consulting firm on EAD.

    Now I have PERMANANT offer as s/w Dev with a big company in that I was planning to start from 5/4/2009, they are aware of the fact that they may have to give letter in support of my pending GC.

    I am confused as to what should be my next steps:
    Can I still join them?
    What is the less risky option?
    Keep working with current company? (I haven't informed them of pending offer)
    I very much appreciate any help you can provide.

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  • pa_arora
    12-03 05:45 PM
    Don't get excited too soon :)

    I saw the following message when I logged into the USCIS case tracking system.

    * Note on "Last Updated" date:
    Your case may have a new "Last Updated" date and you may receive an Email Notification of your case being updated, without the status of the case changing. This is due to internal USCIS processing being performed on your Case. This will be reflected in the "Last Updated" date, but may not result in a different status message.
    lol...where do u see excitement in my post? i know its atleast a year for me to see some green.


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  • rogerdepena
    07-17 09:53 PM
    Excellent. I am new in this cage..but I am proud to be here. I will definetly donate generously for 4 core for future lobbying. Also I would think..we need 2 avoid anti-immigration media such as CNN etc. I saw WSJ, Business Week, CNBC(Brian William news at 6.30), CNBC Maria, Washington post, New york time and some other local news paper helping us with covergae on this issue. We shouldn't be helping Lou dobb's kind of guys to boost his ratings. I decided to stay away from that chap!! and CNN. I know many of my friends regulary watch CNN and I advised everyone to switch to other channel..what u guys think. Once again congts all.. sleep well and enjoy..

    good idea. i stopped watching CNN since I've watched Lou Dobbs. I can't stand Lou Dobbs, he's a creature of hate. CNN should have the moral sense of firing Lou Dobbs. I guess CNN ASIA is totally a different animal, nevertheless I am not patronizing any CNN affiliated companies. Boycott them and spread the word.

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  • gmail
    12-21 12:42 PM
    so you can setup your own LLC. start hiring people?


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  • gcformeornot
    02-24 07:14 AM

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  • f_b_2007
    07-19 11:35 AM
    Thanks for the info..! btw, what about my first question ..When do the 90 days wait start counting? NBC received my app on July 2nd.. Does it mean it's 90 days after July 2nd??



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  • mp70
    07-19 03:51 AM
    Just wanted to share our 7th year H-1B extension stamping in Chennai on July 15th. Since my I-140 was approved, the I-797 petition was approved for 3 years. My family (wife and daughter) attended the interview along with me. The procedure for H-1B extension/renewal is much easier in Chennai compared to first time stampers. There is a separate counter for renewals and the interview procedure is quite simple. After the initial screening of documents, we went to a separate renewal counter which did not have any queue.

    The VO just asked some questions about my nature of the job and how long I have been with my company. FYI, my company is a major reputed IT Foreign MNC. My family was not asked any questions. We did not have any PIMS delays and I got the passport couriered the very next day itself. The petition was approved a month before the stamping. Overall it is a much streamlined process for H-1B visa extensions/renewals.

    Thanks MP70

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  • rique71
    05-17 02:56 PM
    ok thanks


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  • jonty_11
    07-31 03:50 PM
    Last week, I submitted my documents to my lawyer but until now I haven't received any confirmation from my employer yet if my application has been filed already. We are not allowed to contact our lawyer directly so I'm just relying on my employer about this. I'm quite concerned coz there's no way for me to find out if they have filed it or not.
    Is there a way? Please help me please. Thank you
    This is a subjective ques....depends on ur relations with ur employer...
    Try cajoling them..if its pop-shop consulting firm , he wont budge...

    Try asking other employees...if their's was filed and if they got an yhconfirmation?

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  • glus
    10-15 11:16 AM
    There is nothing illegal about working part-time using EAD while working full-time on H1B. It has nothing to do with last entry into US. In fact, EAD has nothing to do with entering US. To enter US, you need either a valid visa or valid AP. IO won't even ask you about your EAD.

    EAD and H1B are mutually exclusive. If you are maintaining proper H1 status (ie, have a valid H1 status and working full-time for the job for which you have H1), it is completely legal to do flip burgers or drive cabs using EAD to supplement your income. It does not affect H1 status. I have confirmed this with multiple attorneys on multiple occasions.

    The above is 100% correct. The immigration law does not "invalidate" H1 status if one uses EAD to work P/T or second job if All the H1 requirements are met and the person continues to work for H-1 sponsor at the same time. Then, one is still in H-1 valid status. If one leaves H1 employer or switches to a different employer LEAVING the original H1B employer by using EAD, then one is no longer in H-1 status.

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  • vikaschowdhry
    06-06 07:36 AM
    seahawks you said:
    A passport must me valid at least 6 months is my understanding when I got my H1 renewed.

    Could you please provide me a link to an official website that can confirm this?

    09-12 03:41 PM
    online recipt date will show as 7/31 but that is not recipt date..u should be able to 7/2 in the acutal original notice..same thing happened to dont worry


    12-03 03:47 PM
    A friend of mine has got 221G from the New Delhi consulate. He works directly for the company there is no client involved here. The consulate has requested the details of every single employee of the company along with their immigration status. My friend is trying to get that information from the employer.

    Any suggestion at this point????

    I don't think consulate ask details of all employees if size is 5k or more. Further more you can tell officer that it is impossible to get wage details of all employee. I hear some time some desi companies gives w2 of all employees etc.. would consular officer show his/her w2 ? but since our desi companies feeding what they need , they ask what ever...

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