Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • kiran24
    06-25 11:52 PM
    I went to the doctor today and got my medical report. I posted the docs to my attorney too !!:)
    Everything was fine.
    Go to desi doctor for medical exams.

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  • neeidd
    10-15 11:44 PM
    I had the same experience. However, my POE was Miami. No questions asked. My spouse and I just waited (with our USC daughter) in secondary inspection till they called my name and handed over our papers to me.
    Thanks for your response

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  • snathan
    07-10 12:47 PM

    I got the standard RFE
    1) End date in client letter
    2) EE relationship
    3) show project validity till h extension requested( 3 years)

    RFE response to be received on or before July 10 2010

    With all problems from vendor and client i was able to get letters but my lawyer sent the packet on July 9 and when I was tracking the status it says that UPS due to some unforeseen reason will now deliver this packet on 7/12 ..2 days after deadline, the packet has sent date 7/9 and was marked next day AIR

    My question is

    ) Am I screwed in this case and my H1 is gone. current H1 period expires 07/15
    2) Or will USCIS will accept the respnse since it was posted before on 7/9

    I am so mad at my lawyer but looks like H1 is gone and I have to pack my belongings ...

    any advice please

    It might be possible. Otherwise you can go for appeal if the approval goes south.

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  • engineer
    07-23 10:28 AM
    can one ask NSC and see if they have cashed check > they should be able to tell us by our last , frist name, social security etc ?

    Where is the link of USCIS memo which talks about following

    "There was a memo from USCIS for in-time receipt compliance for I-485 ( along with other forms) for 8/1 supposedly for June filers."


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  • Sarathy
    02-03 10:13 AM
    Will Tri-Valley University questions be answered? A few of us have questions and need advice.

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  • hebron
    06-22 01:39 PM
    I'm holding Bachelor's Degree from India and have 9 years of full time experience (6 years with previous employers + 3 years with current employer). Last year my employer initiated a process to file PERM. My employer had given all the specific details to our attorney firm to file my case in EB2. But our attorney screwed up everything and filed my case in EB3. My EB3 labor is approved (Section H, PERM job for Bachelors + 2 years of experience). I'm planning to file I140 with this EB3 PERM to facilitate my H1B extensions,etc.

    Right now, my employer says that he can initiate another PERM with EB2 and later when we file I140 for the EB2 labor, we can make use of EB3's PD after its I140 approval. I understand that it has to be a different position for EB2. If we follow this case, at what stage I need to use my EB3's PD to port. I mean, do I need to have my EB3 I140 approved before filing EB2 PERM or have only when filing EB2 I140.

    My another question is, how risky is this? I mean having applied for EB3 and EB2 from the same employer. What kinda repercussions we're heading into? What are the possiblities of getting audited for EB2 PERM ( I didn't get any audit for my EB3 PERM).

    Do you think it's better to transfer visa to someone else after my EB3 I140's approval and start a fresh EB2 PERM from that employer?

    I had gone thro a case study given in this forum but it's only after applying AOS(485). Mine is still at I140 stage.

    Any input is welcome.


    Hi Sunil,
    I have also been thinking about converting from EB3 to EB2 from the same employer. My lawyer says that for this to work the job descriptions ( for EB3 and EB2) has to be atleast 50% different. And I am not sure I can prove that because my EB3 was applied for "software engineer" and currently I am promoted to "principal software engineer". The DOT and SOC codes for both the jobs are the same. And I also do not have 5 years of experience prior to joining my current employer. So my attorney says that it will be difficult to show the experience that I gained from my current employer for EB2.

    I am not sure if my experience helps you or not, but please check with your attorney.


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  • Canadian_Dream
    07-25 02:02 PM
    IMO: That's the best option to pursue in this situation. Make sure you clearly mention in both I-140/I-485 applications that you have a pending I-140/I-485 (with Receipt Numbers etc). Also send a small write-up along with all the applications explaining the situation and reason for the second filing.

    I would file a separate I-485 and I-140 for this other LC. Experts, what say?

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  • life99f
    05-25 09:33 AM
    At least, the article shows the TWO side's stories from the people who against us and the people who favor us.
    And more important is finally someone is focusing on EB problem.

    Did you think it was for us then?


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  • s416504
    08-13 02:29 PM
    Thanks for Prompt reply.
    My application got delivered at 11:31 & Received by B GERKENSMEYER.
    Do u think I shoould file again using Lawyer before Aug 17?

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  • wata
    10-16 07:15 PM
    Do I have to hire 10 employees at the first day I open my liquor store ?


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  • papoopager
    04-03 03:23 PM
    No problem ..Both are altogether different things

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  • abhishek101
    05-16 03:34 PM
    My wife received her green card on Friday so I think it is the latest info.

    It comes by priority mail (in priority mail envelop), but no signature is required. No white envelop as old timers are suggesting.

    Also the USCIS is extremely fast now a days. My wife received her green card in 5 days after finger printing (Finger printing on May 6; approval on May 9th; Green card received on May 13th) so when your dates become current and your case is straight forward you should have it in few days.


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  • gcformeornot
    07-09 07:27 AM
    join. I have seen so many friends working daytime at US clients and co-ordinating offshore work to these companies in nighttime and WEs. Plus their projects are mostly short term.... they move you a lot.....

    GC processing policies are restricted to only very few Key account managers and marketing managers...

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  • harry15
    02-14 08:44 AM
    Thanks for all the prompt replies.


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  • CaliHoneB
    01-12 05:14 PM
    Thanks a bunch! I appreciate you replying to this. it certainly relieves some of my stress.


    I can understand your concerns. A few years back we had similar questions and concerns when my MIL travelled. She was old and had never travelled alone before. Could not speak any english either. We thought it was best for her to travel with wheelchair assistance and it worked good. She has travelled twice ( on lufthansa) with no issues.

    One thing we did to help her was give a covering letter that she could present to the airline staff which would explain her needs if any while travelling. We also prepared and gave her several flash cards (one liners) written in both the local Indian language alongwith the English translation for her to communicate if she needs anything on the flight.

    Non -verbal communication works well sometimes. It worked for us.

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  • sukant71
    02-12 08:56 PM
    Because you , me and many like us have bad luck!!!! EB categories are now unofficial lottery system. If you lucky you will not wait!

    I dont have any other explanation.

    Have you marked one thing the web delcared date & reality date are so different-
    WHat is the reason again same thing create preference-


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  • visaspirant
    10-22 06:04 PM
    Thanks a ton Elaine! Your help is very much appreciated.

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  • EdenMN
    07-18 09:38 AM
    Thanks to IV core team and all members who are contributing for its success

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  • dwhuser
    07-31 11:36 AM
    Thanks everyone, we had a wonderful trip and reached safely, no questions asked at POE (newark)

    09-28 09:48 AM
    Most likely the employer will not go thru the suing process to recover $4000, he will simply put you in his black book.
    At the max, you will not have the luxury of asking experiences letter or any other document you may/may not need now or in the future.
    3 years is a pretty long time and I believe you should negotiate with him and leave proffesionally.
    That way, even if you do not pay, you always keep the option open of paying him when you need him later. ( I know it sounds repulsive, but depending on other circumstances, like how much did he keep out of the billing rate and what other benefits he was giving you and many other factors) should contribute to your resigning deal with him.

    11-07 11:51 AM

    We have applied for AP on Oct 1st and its still pending .

    I have the following questions.

    1) Can we enter using the AP thats gets approved when we are outside the US
    2) How to expedite AP process other then business emergency as my wife is not working
    3) can she enter using H4 even though she has used AP and EAD before. is there any problem to GC
    4) I am going to India in Dec , assuming I get the AP by then is it ok for her to enter using h4 and myself AP.

    Thanks in Advance for your suggestions

    1) No.
    2) Other then an Emergency you can't expedite.
    3) If you are currently on H1, then she can enter on H4.
    4) Same answer as above. You can enter on AP, and if you continue to maintain H1 status, then she can enter on H4.

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