Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • javadeveloper
    08-20 04:20 PM
    A consulting company that i had approached in early 2007 had filed my
    H1B on April 1st '07 for which i only have a receipt # as yet. This H1 is obviosuly under the CAP. USCIS decision reg. H1 approval is still pending.

    I was eligible to file for AOS / EAD thru my husbands GC petition and now do not want to take any job on the H1B with the consulting company. I have a offer from another company....i can join then when i get my EAD. They are willing to wait till i get my EAD.

    Some concerns i need help with -
    1)How does the contracting company withdraw or VOID my H1. ?
    2) Do we have to wait for 797 approval to void it.? Or can they VOID it using only the RECEIPT # ?
    3) If H1B is approved in the next few weeks then does the petitioner have to void it before the start of fiscal year - October 1st 2007.?
    5) Does a attorney need to be involved to withdraw this case ? What is the exact process of nullifying this H1B.? Are there any specific forms to be filled out.???
    6) What kind of documentation would i need from the petitioner who is withdrawing my H1B...Like what evidence do i need to get from petitioner that he / she has actually withdrawn this.??

    Also are there any DOL or USCIS rules which state that - the employer has to provide me with copies of the LCA, I-129 petition, Letter that he writes for voiding the H1B. I should be entitled to recieve copies from the employer right..?? allthough i will not work for them..! Can somebody direct me to a link on DOL or USCIS which tells me that the employer should give me all these copies.

    Thank you!

    You are supposed to get LCA from your employer.If you don't get it you can complain to DOL using Wh4 form( I heard some form is available to cancel the pending H1 , but not sure.

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  • rajuram
    01-27 08:40 PM
    Hey guys, I received this notice in the mail from USCIS asking me to appear for "Initial" interview for further processing of my I485. Can someone please throw some light on what that might involve?

    My PD is 09/04, June 07 Filer and had an RFE back in Septmeber.

    Please reply.

    Are you from Rest of the world or India/china?

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  • immigration1234
    07-14 10:24 AM
    We have travelled in mid May '09 from via Frankfurt on AP and we did not have any problems.

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  • kalyan
    02-13 08:05 AM
    Brothers and sisters,

    IRS and USCIS dont talk to each other. They dont co-ordinate . So dont worry.

    By the time, they think of co-ordination, our grand kids will come up.

    USCIS does'nt even look at w2 and payslips in depth. All they do is, did the guy submitted as per the LCA or not.


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  • logiclife
    03-10 01:44 AM

    I have had 10+ members sign up so far.

    This is as important as the fund raising. The same group of contributors cannot contribute all the time, please join the effort to bring more people in by signing up in the Membership drive. Just email me at so that I can send you a 5 page pdf document to get your started.

    More members means:

    Bigger organization.
    More funds to pay for lobbying.
    More faxes and emails to congress when the time comes for grassroots advocacy.


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  • msyedy
    01-10 02:06 PM
    Hey BacktoSchool

    If you have EB3 2002 labor approved( I have not seen that in your post) now.
    If the above statement is true, then File another labor in EB2 through perm which will be approved in 6 months.
    Get I-140 of both EB3 and EB2 labor approved via premium.
    USE EB3 priority with the EB2 labor, that means you can file for I-485 and get EAD because the proprity date EB2 category is accepting is Jan-2003 and your priority is June 2002.

    Think on this, ask your employer and lawyer, couple of my friends are doing this.

    In max six months time you will be eligible for I-485


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  • vbkris77
    07-20 01:12 PM
    Take a screenshot and attach it quickly..
    This needs to be checked... It is illegal. They have crossed the line very clearly..

    Look at this Job posting in the craigslist.

    No Indian: Automation and Manual QA Test Engineer / Analyst Needed (

    Is it legal to discriminate against certain group like the job poster did in his post.

    I am also quoting the text inline, just in case the posting expires:

    "No Indian: Automation and Manual QA Test Engineer / Analyst Needed (Irvine)

    Date: 2010-06-30, 7:45PM PDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


    Yeh right pIease do not respod if you an Indian no disrespect but we have had bad experience with Indian decent people due to fake resumes and no experties.
    I am currently looking for very strong QA Automation expert (Mercury QTP / Quality Center). Also I am looking for manual / automation tester as well. It's a long term contract please respond if you meet the following criteria. If you are not an expert in QTP for the second position but have the right attitude to learn, we are interested in hearing from you as well. As I mentioned it's a long term contract and the rate for both positions are open and also based on your experience. you must be able to come for in person interview with very short notice and please do not apply if you are out of state or out of OC, LA or SD area.

    QTP Expert:

    Must have hands on experience in creating automated test scripts
    Must know how to create scripts without record / play back
    Must know how to create automation frameworks and what are the different types
    Must have experience with QTP and Quality Center
    Must be able to work with complex design
    Experience with large scale application frame work
    Must have QA manual testing experience and be able to identfy what should be automated
    Must be able to work under tight deadlines
    Must be able to work with minimum supervision
    Must be able to start right away

    Manual / Automation QA Engineer

    You must be able to work as manual and automation fashion
    Must have experience with Mercury Quality Center and QTP
    Experience working in large scale applications
    Good analytical skills
    Don't forget personality and attitude is the key

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  • ajju
    02-20 04:09 PM
    Get a non-availability certificate from the local municipal office and submit it to USCIS..on a safer side..

    Or get the birth cert from Indian Embassy in US... They'll issue it based on her passport..
    takes about 2-4 weeks... unless you can go and get it personally...


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  • senthil1
    09-08 09:25 PM
    Which labor day 2009? 2010 or 2014?

    Any News on Schumer's Labor Day announcements?

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  • overseas
    08-20 08:54 AM
    Hi gcdreamer05,

    So did you find out any more information on this? I'm in the same situation like you. In the instructions I clearly see that we have to send our application to Texas service center as we live in MA. But I want to make sure whether this is correct before I send my application. I'm sure it will be painful to wait for a long time later.


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  • sagittarian
    12-19 10:32 AM

    Did your wife work before in India? How did fortune500 apply for H1?Did they attach client letter during H1 application?
    Hi Uma001,

    Yes, she did work in India for 3 years. She got a full-time job opportunity with a fortune 500. It is direct employment.

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  • Gator
    04-11 08:10 PM
    Today I found out that my RFE wasn't answered at all as opposed to being late.

    Bascially, the attorney screwed me. My company wasn't happy with them and was in the process of moving all existing cases to a new firm and my RFE was supposed to be one of the last for the old firm. And apparently they didn't send it out, quoting miscommunication from my company that my case was transfered to the new firm as well.

    So does 'not answering an RFE at all' change anything for my case or can I still do MTR and then appeal as suggested by the members.

    And it seems like MTRs take at least a year in most cases. So is it a valid option to file a new I-140?

    Appreciate your help and advise

    fyi..I did not file concurrently but my I-485 was denied the same day as my I-140.


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  • atlfp
    04-08 12:34 PM
    I thought the "Freedom of Information Act" requires the federal goverment to disclose all data and procedure unless it is exempt by some other laws (list of super spies, for instance). Wouldn't it be possible to using this law to force them to disclose their numbers?

    Is there any month by month ombudsman report? I was just thinking It doesn't have too much of use if they report AFTER the number is wasted....

    I am not an expert in law but we cannot "Force" the deparment of state to release numbers. However some numbers are already available for 2005 in usage stats.

    If they waste numbers in 2006, then they may be recaptured and used in 2007 - ONLY IF - the comprehensive bill or the PACE act passes as both have recapture provision.

    Doesnt the ombudsman report show all numbers even today? I thought they did.

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  • newuser
    04-05 11:59 AM
    Closed on Mar 26th with Wells Fargo with a 5% down payment conventional loan.

    The monthly PMI was jacked up $55 during closing by my lender. Other than that no issues.


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  • desi3933
    07-10 09:29 PM
    Any inputs on what to provide to HR or atleast how to explain that visa is not required, is appreciated.

    Take printout of this page
    USCIS - Employment Authorization ( D&vgnextchannel=1847c9ee2f82b010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD)


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  • dan19
    08-28 03:16 PM
    My lawyer is arguing that a MS degree in CS would be sufficient evenif I don't have a BS CS degree.

    I didn't realize my attorney was too incompetent when I hired him. The sole purpose of appointing an attorney was to make my life easy. Rather he is giving me a hard time.

    Mention clearly what is indicated in job requirements. If the labor did not allow for BS in any enggg or related engg and just asked for BS in CS your I-140 will be denied for sure. No need to wait for the denial. Why did your attorney filed a labor like that for you knowing you do not have BS in CS.


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  • pappu
    11-02 08:11 PM
    Contributed $100 for Nov.
    Transaction ID: 9771***********


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  • newon
    07-21 11:52 PM
    Thank you all for your replies !!!!

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  • ski_dude12
    12-02 01:10 AM
    This is after the dates were pushed back to 2003. There was no movement for a few months. Hopefully they are starting to process the apps in order now.

    Not really. There appears to be no orderly fashion. My PD is June 2007 EB2. I got an RFE on My I 485 in May 2008.

    11-05 08:08 PM
    Texas IV group Goooooo!!!

    07-16 04:05 PM
    I believe USCIS has a confidentiality agreement with their employees and you donot want him to lose his job.


    It was worth a try. Oh well !

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