Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • smaram1
    07-28 03:24 PM
    SunnySurya - What is Your Category (Based on ur replies it is EB2) and How About Your PD?

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  • Templarian
    08-20 01:08 PM
    I'll try it when I get off work in 3.5 hours and see how it goes.

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  • roseball
    04-02 02:06 AM
    What I have mostly heard is that people in consulting jobs are the ones who are having issues at POEs and not the ones in permanent/full-time positions...I am not making a statement here but saying this is what I heard and read.

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  • thesparky007
    05-24 10:19 PM
    Sheesh someone is in a hurry :|!hurry?
    i posted that on the 16th
    it has been about 8 days


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  • sintax321
    04-29 04:31 AM

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  • meridiani.planum
    08-14 12:03 PM
    This topic may be a bit counterproductive to what we've set to achieve as IVians but I hope folks see this in a true light. I could have set the title 'Return to Homeland', in my case its Return to India, hence the title.

    I have been here for the past 9 years and as days progressed, my heart is back home. I may be closer than I ever was to get a GC but it seems I am to a point where I really want to give a shot to R2I. Reasons are several and are probably alike to several of yours. Family, Support and the whole other 9 yards..

    That said, finding jobs back home while you are here in US seem not the easiest. I have seen a few in Google/Microsoft but I suppose there are many more. I am looking to return to Hyderabad. The reason why I am posting this here to is to seek help. If you or your friends work for companies that are looking for experienced managers to R2I, I would appreciate if you could post it here or PM me.

    I am looking to R2I early next year but if the right opportunity comes along, I cud do it sooner than that. Thanks.

    all the best to you! If you are serious about this, then you may want to go easy on visiting iv and start checking out: http://www.r2iclubforums.com/forums/


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  • googlegc
    10-18 02:04 PM
    You need the receipt number to track your I140.
    You can get your receipt number/notice only from the employer!
    Is it possible to track 140 without the receipt notices.

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  • wellwishergc
    07-11 12:27 PM


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  • ameerka_dream
    05-06 03:52 PM

    I need your suggestion. My birth was not registered within one year of my date of birth but it was registered recently and I got my Birth certificate with me. I'm just preparing documents for filing for 485 in near future. Some body has just mentioned to me that USCIS would send an RFE if I submit that Birth Certificate with 485 filing. Could anybody have an idea about documents that I would need to get and to submit with my birth certificate as per my per later registered birth certificate ?

    I would appreciate if anybody can point me with links if somebody already gone through this.


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  • gc_on_demand
    01-05 12:44 PM
    seems like it. A lot of people seem to be doing it which is why EB2 is not moving fast enough

    there were 400k application pending for AOS as of last year. 50% Eb3 would make them 200k..

    can anyone know how much of 200k ported to Eb2 ? if no is above 50k then its an issue. under less than 50k will justify by slow economy and new labor rule ( no more Eb2 for Software Engineer ).


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  • abqguy
    09-24 10:28 AM
    My problem with these hearings is that they play soccer with the interests of immigrants. There are pro and anti immigrant views in discussion.

    Enforcement is all about closing the borders and deporting immigrants. But why do we not see hearings to discuss and introduce bills that fine the employers and put them in jail if they hire an undocumented? But nobody, not even the anti-immigrant groups are pushing for such a bill. A lot of undocumented problem will be solved if employers cannot hire undocumented. We call immigrants as illegal, but why can't we use the same standard for employers who illegally hire undocumented?

    Secondly when they talk about legalization and path to citizenship, there is no country limits for them. But as soon as we talk about removing country limits in front of the same people, we hear talks about diversity etc.

    The same people who favor legals in such discussions, become anti-legal when they have a chance to do something for legals. Why a simple bill like recapture not introduced by these same people till now?

    Overall Immigration is more about politics, votes than actually solving a problem. If these folks are serious about fixing a problem, a lot could have been done till now. We need to hear more action than just talk.
    Pappu, I can't agree with you more....


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  • roseball
    10-26 04:01 PM
    DREAM act just got shot in the heart but it's still alive. On September 22, 2010, Richard Durbin introduced the bill once again along with Richard Lugar.
    I don't know what you mean by starting the GC process, you mean file I485?

    As far as I know, your only options to get GC are:

    -- DREAM ACT (which is not something you can control)
    -- Marry a US Citizen (which obviously is something you can consider)

    In the meantime, whatever you do, do not go out of the country.


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  • lazycis
    04-17 12:46 PM
    It's possible, but you need to marry first, then file I-130. After I-130 is approved, you can ask USCIS to use your I-130 as underlying visa petition for I-485. Keep in mind that I-130 AOS gives you only conditional permanent residency, after 21 months you need to apply for a regular GC.

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  • tb2904
    03-26 04:05 PM
    Who are the guys making more than 250K? Why are they stuck in retrogression?

    I am assuming that if you are salaried employee and making more than 250K, you should be at executive level qualified for EB1 visa - which is current for all countries.


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  • gondalguru
    06-19 11:45 PM
    Please help me as I am in big confusion.

    I am J1 physician working in Underserved area. Completed 3 years of waiver requirement 9/2006.

    I worked with company A from 5/2004 to 3/2007. Got EB-2 PERM based I-140 apporved with PD: 9/2004 with company A

    Also applied for NIW based I-140 (self petiton) approved with PD of 9/2004. I-485 pending on this I-140 with RD of 11/2004. I need to complete 5 yrs in underserved area to get GC using this method.

    Changed job in 3/2007 to company B hoping to apply for PERM and GC again. But with this new CIR looming with changes in EB catagory I am moving back to company A.

    Now my prior employer company A is offering me job again. They have kept my apporved I-140 intact. It is going to take 4-6 weeks to join them back and be on their payroll.

    What should I do?

    Can I file new I-485 based on approved I-140 with company A even though I am not working with them now (as future employment)? This will be my 2nd I-485 as the first one is pending for NIW application.

    Should I try to interfile first I-485 with PERM based I-140? One lawyer told me that if I interfile I-485 with PERM baed I-140 then there is a risk of denial of the I-485 as it was filed duing my three years of waiver service. Second lawyer told me that interfiling can be done with out problem (especially if I 485 is at TSC) but only after joining company A.

    As you can see how complicated the case is and how different lawyers give differnt opinions.... I am very confused. Please advise gurus.

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  • lostinbeta
    09-10 02:14 AM
    Hmm, odd, I don't think my footer uses up too much processor power and it uses everything you said not to use. Haha, oh well, I am not complaining.

    I still need to get my hands on a copy of Illustrator. I have used it before and it is great! Just gotta save up...............


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  • fromnaija
    07-28 02:25 PM
    If you filed your I-485 in July, 2007 with the knowledge and consent of Company A, you are in order as GC is for future employment. It would appear you did so since they did not withdraw the I-140.

    Having said, the only proper course of action is for you to go back to work for Company A after you obtain your GC.

    If you would like to work for Company B after GC, you would have to file a change of employer right now (using AC21 provisions). Alternatively you may interfile the approved I-140 from employer B with your current application. You are entitled to keep the priority date on the I-140 of employer A so you should not be affected negatively.

    If your lawyer is saying you could continue to work for employer B after GC without doing anything at this time, I would suggest you talk to another immigration attorney to hear a second opinion.

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  • arnab221
    11-11 01:23 PM
    Please check this post by murthy on Non 09, 2007


    On October 23, 2007, sixteen members of the New Democrat Coalition, led by the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, requested that "the House take action this year to resolve the immediate talent crisis that is facing U.S. employers." The group is pushing for reform that would increase H1B and employment based permanent residence, or "green card" quotas, before Congress adjourns this year.

    Any IV updates on this ?

    Yet again we have H1B and GC issues together , does this mean there is no chance that this would succeed ?

    This year has seen like a 100 letters go back and forth between the house and senate on High skilled immigration , and we are where we were . The only outcome that the senators have had is they have improved their letter writing skills :D, and the only advantage nancy pelosi has had is that she is now the proud owner of a file which by now is 100 letters thick all pleading her to reform the immigration process and how prodly she can proclaim that she has done NOTHING to improve our plight . :D

    SORRY to SAY this but cannot help but be sarcastic. :confused:

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  • MatsP
    February 16th, 2005, 04:58 AM
    It seems like the subject is solved sort of, but if your camera exports an EXIF (Extended Information or whatever it's called), it should give the focal length in the EXIF for the image. So you could take a few pictures at different lengths and view the image information in Photoshop (or whatever good picture editor you like to use).


    08-30 11:07 PM
    You cant file H1 on your own. You need ur employers signature on it and ur employer has to file the petition. Even if you beat all that it is still very very risky to file on your own.

    I strongly discourage the word "Attorney" for everything. Just because of memebers like kriskris these Attroney's are living lavishly. What the heck these Attroneys know that we don't know. Don't we know how to write our names? Don't we know how to fill an application form? Please stop saying "Attroney" for everything. These are not complex things. Please note according to one survey 70% of Americans don't know how to fill Bank application. Attroneys are just making the money out of this situation.

    Yes, I agree Attroney's are required for quite complex things..but not for H1 extension, I-485, H1 stamping etc etc. Glad that we could able to eradicate Attroney culture completely for H1B stamping. I eagarly look forward the same situation to applying for H1, I-485 etc in the future ...

    Please help above member how to apply H1 extension if you know..Please stop using the sentence "Contact your Attorney".

    08-18 08:46 PM
    You can open a PO Box in your name and update the address with USCIS. I've done that.

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