Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • actprasad
    08-22 03:45 PM

    I just thought of sharing some good news. I spoke this afternoon with USCIS office about my pending EAD(renewal), at the same time I asked the lady to check my I485 (PD: 11/08/2005), she forwarded my call to Level 2 support guys. He said FP,NC,Back ground check everything is cleared and also case is assigned to IO.

    Just a small suggestion/clue to my friends,
    when ever they ask "when did u file the application(I485) tell them your PD not the date that we all recently applied(if you have applied recently, I mean last year Jul/Aug)". Also don't call them on Mon-Wed, call them on Thursday or Friday (I recommend), so they will answer you guys politely. Complement for every say of them. Just a good word or humble will pay us back. I am sure about that.

    Please don't take me wrong.


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  • nashdel
    04-06 11:26 PM
    I went to Delhi recently for emergency appointment. The person who replied to my email (within 12 hours) told me to call next morning.

    He gave me option for next day and told me to bring demand draft rather than their receipt for HDFC bank (lady at the counter did ask me about it though).

    You should complete the online application as per their recommendations on website. It is very important. They would avoid data entry by you doing so.

    Counter Lady put a blue sticker on my passport just like old times and asked me to collect my passport from embassy counter itself.

    After usual long wait, I was interviewed and even though I did not have some of the documents she asked, she did not create any problems.

    However, she said since my application is not cleared in PIMS, she is helpless in issuing visa. She gave me pink slip with ' petition not in PIMS' and emergency appointment written over it.

    She asked me to check status on line at NEw delhi embassy website.

    Anyway, it took them 2 weeks to clear PIMS and I had to postpone my flight 2 times. Emails to them is useless. they would not reply at Delhi. Phone is answered between 2-3 PM and I have to constantly redial many many times before some one will pick up.

    I asked for them to return my passport many times so that I can return on AP but they would not do that. (could have been risky long term as my I 140 is not cleared yet). My h1b attorney`s paralegal did advice me to come back on AP if I am at risk of loosing my job. She said usually going back to H1b is very simple process even after you enter on AP.

    Anyway, If you have AP, think twice if your employer is not willing to wait longer than necessary.

    By the way my information was never updated on website even after I got the visa. My wife was calling DOS in US and they were very helpful in telling the status of PIMS.

    Hopefully that helps you in your difficult times.

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  • gc_mania_03
    09-11 11:06 PM

    We need to understand that we have chosen a tough but worthy effort in the form of this forum. As such it may be depressing to see the slow movement in DC.

    We should not be setting ourselves some timelines like the ones stated in this email thread, and then feel depressed about seeing no positive results within that timeline...there are too many factors outside our control to do anything like that...

    I think we are better off than we where we were last year, when the awareness was nil, and that backlog legislation only favored the RNs and the PTs, while we saw ourselves powerless...

    Lets help the core team..and not get depressed over short timelines...I see light at the end of our efforts...may not be phenomenal..but I am sure it will make a difference...for each of us...


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  • cvk90
    07-05 01:08 PM
    Bump >> Please help


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  • roseball
    04-24 08:56 AM
    Since your I-94s are already expired, I would advise to talk to your attorney asap and follow his advise....Do not rely on a forum to get suggestions on a time sensitive situation...

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  • newyorker123
    09-28 10:06 AM
    I had filed an FOIA for a copy of my COMPLETE ALIEN file. I found my I-140 approval as part of those documents.

    It might not be a bad idea to file FOIA again to request the entire Alien file and not just the I-485 file. That is likely to give you the results you're looking for.

    I can see Approval stamp and date on my I-140 application. I just dont see I-140 approval notice(like the I-140 receipt they sent out). If I want to use AC-21 or use porting to EB-2 is my I140 application with approval stamp is good enough ??

    Again my original question can I submit another FOIA just to get the I-140 approval notice???


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  • rsayed
    05-06 12:40 PM
    I am about to start my GC processing under EB3 category. I know my chances are extremely extremely slim. I am filing for GC hoping that CIR or some other bill to clear GC backlog passes.

    My question is .. How much time would it take to clear all the pending GC cases once the bill is passed ?

    I am assuming 2 years. Am I correct ?

    I read somewhere on the internet that a similar situation arised in the past (may be year 2000 or 2001), and when a bill was passed to clear the backlog, after few months (for bill signing and other paperwork) everyone with I-140 approvals were eligible to apply for I-485.

    Is the situation that exists today any different than it was in year 2000 or 2001 ?

    Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

    Quite honestly, NO ONE can predict accurate wait times. Even, if some form of Bill gets through - it is anybody's guess as to how much time any of us will have to wait in order for us to be able to file our 485s'.

    Expect to wait for a long time...

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  • ski_dude12
    12-01 11:40 PM
    We got an RFE on my wife's I-485 requesting for copy of marriage certificate. Our priority date is August 2005 (EB2). ND is September 05, 2007.

    Anyone else in the same boat? Does this mean USCIS has began processing the 2005 apps?


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  • buehler
    01-14 07:13 PM
    My wife received the FP notice 3 weeks ago and her FP is tomorrow. I never received it even though I am the primary applicant. I do see updates on my I-485 application but no FP notice. The USCIS center is quite far away from my home. Can I try to go there with my wife and see if they can do my FP also tomorrow or is that a lost cause?

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  • pani_6
    07-06 11:44 PM
    If I have to apply for a new PERM Lc and then I-140 in long would the entire process take

    PERM-How many months??.
    I-140- How mnay months??..(10th year of h1b can I get Premium Processing) done

    Thanks for your answers guys...I am really tired of waiting...


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  • Sakthisagar
    04-30 10:07 AM
    I feel I had taken the right decision. I moved back to India in Nov 09 itself. I had a PD of feb 08 and was in EB-2 but looking at all the mess,I had decided to move back.

    Good for you do you feel in India politics is much better?? man still a forgein lady is ruling India. if you are in India why you bother about this mess. be at peace with yourself. enjoy life. dont bother ..

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  • tdasara
    08-28 04:02 PM
    Remember to get a MS in Computer Science you have to complete a few prerequisites else no University would offer you the degree.

    If your Prevailing Wage Requirement states the minimum requirement is MS in CS (and/or experience) you should be good.


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  • theMan
    01-12 09:16 AM
    If issue arises with I485 while i EAD, that would a big headache of replying RFE or opening MTR etc in timely fashion. EAD/AP stand cancelled if 485 is denied.

    Evaluate the odds of 485 denial and then take a decision (H1/EAD). Just don't get into analysis/paralysis mode.

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  • The7zen
    03-24 12:30 PM
    It will be easier for someone to help you if you fill your profile with right details.



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  • ilikekilo
    07-18 10:40 AM
    Really makes me feel awful when I come across someone who is waiting since 2001 for labor.. This system is seriously broken.. I myself had to wait for over three years to get my labor, and I know how frustrating it is.. I have two friends with priority date older than mine, and they are still stuck in labor. Very depressing. I wish and hope the *&$%!*#@ at Philly and Dallas get their act together and there is a flurry of labor approvals in the next few weeks..

    i doubt they would do that give that they are anticipating more appps now in july thru august...we cant win in everyhitng, can we? sad!! now next few months we will be desperately be wating for each bulleting every hte the PD's rule!!!!!!!!

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  • prince_waiting
    04-14 05:00 PM
    hi prince,
    regarding ur post, there is a correction.

    holding an Approval notice alone is NOT a valid reason to bypass the transit visa in germany.

    holding a valid visa or Adv parole is good . but not just an appr notice.


    The text which I have posted on this forum is directly out of the email I received from the German Embassy helpline.


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  • rockstart
    03-24 09:58 AM
    Its the simplest RFE you can get all you need to do is submit EVL ASAP. Dont worry for your spouse's application they are not going to approve the application till the dates get current. So you can add her at that time. The guess is they are pre-adjucating your application so that when visa# are available it will be smooth approval so cheer up.

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  • krishmunn
    05-10 02:54 PM
    so true hawaldar sahib !! then applies to me too, I am replying to this thread !!!

    BTW...hawaldar sahib , aap kuch kaar nahi sakte kya ? hawldar ho...? kuch tho karo yaar !!!:)

    (transalation, hawaldar means police, I am requesting the cop to so something aobut it)

    Chahe to chai-pani le lo. ;)

    (translation: if you wish we will pay you bribe too)

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  • cheg
    07-19 11:47 PM
    Just want to let you know though that if you file on or after July 30th, the fee for application of I-140 will be the new one. It's only for I-485, I-131 and I-765 that will be honored for the old filing fee until the 17th of August. :)

    As per the last revised visa bulletin, the extension period for filling I-485 is Aug 17. But it talks about only I485 and not about I-140.

    So can anyone confirm, if one can file I-140 and I-485 concurrently from Aug 1 to Aug 17.

    09-02 09:37 PM
    Any updates or idea on what happened on August 31st senate judiciary meeting on SKIL bill? PLease let us know IV members.

    11-30 11:44 AM

    I am new to Indiana, letz join here to discuss and promote IV in Indiana area, I am currently in Indianapolis, please post if you are in Indiana state and interested in IV

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