Monday, June 13, 2011

glamorgan cricket ground

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  • coolpal
    03-30 12:28 PM
    I thought the OP was making a case for getting his question answered.. that doesn't mean the case is necessarily true now.

    And I think if you read further down, the op himself said he didn't get his GC yet, but his question was "what if?"...... guys read before you post ;)

    pal :)

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  • americandesi
    09-06 02:38 PM
    1) Allowing filing of EAD only 120 days before its expiry when the processing times by itself is >120 days

    2) Issuing a FAQ on interim EAD in 2008 when the process itself was eliminated in 2006.

    3) Issuing separate biometrics notices for EAD and I-485 for the same beneficiary.

    4) Allowing the beneficiary to work on H1 receipt notice but not on EAD receipt notice.

    5) Running multiple background checks for the same beneficiary for different immigration benefits (I-140, EAD, AP, I-485)

    6) Issuing RFE for EAD biometrics even after completing biometrics.

    7) Issuing RFE for EAD biometrics without issuing biometrics notice.

    8) Issuing EAD/AP’s with incorrect name, sex, DOB, photograph and validity dates thereby preventing the beneficiary from working/traveling without any alternative until the correction is made.

    9) Requesting an EAD expedite letter even after 90 days in spite of the obligation to approve EAD within 90 days.

    10) Requesting a wait time of 30 days to act on EAD expedite request even after 90 days thereby making the total wait time to 120 days (90 days +30 days) which by the way equals the time allowed to file EAD before its expiry.

    11) CSR’s providing conflicting answers to the same question.

    12) Backward movement of processing times instead of forward movement.

    13) Blindly approving petitions on raising mandamus law suits without providing a reason for the delay.

    14) Not sending the EAD physical cards on time even after the change in online status to CPO.

    15) IO’s at POE interpreting the usage of AP in different ways.

    16) Denying non-immigrant petitions like H1 on flimsy grounds such as not having a direct client and approving I-140 immigrant petition for the same beneficiary/employer.

    17) Issuing EAD/AP combined document and then issuing a memo that it’s invalid for travel.

    18) Allowing the beneficiary to work without employment authorization for 180 days (Section 245(k)) but going after the employer for engaging in such unauthorized employment.

    19) Requesting the EAD beneficiary to take an infopass appointment after 90 days without providing a provision to book an appointment when no slots are available.

    20) Last but not the least, wasted visa numbers and growing backlog with increased fees.

    Sounds like our desi babus are better than these potato heads. God Bless America.

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  • swarnapuri
    06-14 07:05 PM
    That was a very helpful info!

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  • addsf345
    02-24 06:47 PM
    The title of this thread should be: "God of Cricket".

    Don't believe me... Just Google ( with these words.:)


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  • GCBy3000
    07-22 03:42 PM
    You can only move after 6 months of 485 filing. Then it falls under AC21. Now if you move, you have to start the entire process. Fortunately with PERM and PP for 140, everything would take less than few months.

    Hmmm, it happened to me and my company started new labor process through PERM. My second 140 is stuck for more than a year now.


    You can keep your primary residence at the original labor filed location and convince your company to allow you to work at that place for six months at least once a week.

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  • gcnotfiledyet
    03-17 04:45 PM
    I was informed that without I-94 card she cannot be added to my insrurance.

    Can anyone suggest me some good insurance I can take online/india for this kind of situation...???


    Did you even talk to your employer yet? They will ask for marriage certificate and nothing else. Who informed you about I-94? one of your friends/forum members? Are they giving insurance to you.

    Go talk to employer/HR/Insurance agent.


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  • BraveMadMan
    07-17 11:55 PM
    Totally agree. Let's relax for a few days, and then move on to tackle the issues

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  • Berkeleybee
    03-15 12:09 PM
    Much faster if you go directly here

    Not good for us, if this means that they will stop processing things as they sort this out.


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  • uslegals
    11-11 09:14 AM
    Hello Friends,
    My current AP expires on 2/18/11. My PD (EB-2) has been current since Sept 2010 but no sign of GC yet. I would like to renew my AP and have decided to file myself Vs using the attorney. Has anybody used the e-filing option OR is it better to send in a hard copy of the application.?

    If somebody can kindly direct me to the appropriate links on IV for folks who have filed themselves - i would greatly appreciate that. Any advice on supporting documents, etc. would be really helpful.


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  • GCwaitforever
    06-03 03:26 AM
    Indian Consulates will be conducting VISA camps at different places. Verify the schedule on the web site, stop by and get the passport renewed.


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  • harikris
    05-10 09:40 AM
    Khali dimag shaitan ka ghar

    (Translation: An ideal mind is a devils workshop)


    More like an idle mind ;)

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    04-26 11:03 AM
    You definitely need an attorney's representation. Dont waste time mulling over it as more time you waste, bigger the problem.


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  • atul555
    03-20 07:03 PM
    u got ur response from long, we WON'T miss you.

    I joined this forum a while back since it seems like a good place to exchange experience with people in the same boat as us. I got repulsed with IV very fast, and this person above very effectively presents the reason why.
    There are just too many smug mother&*#$# like the eb3retro guy above, who chase the newcomers with their gloomy personality right out of IV. Though the situation we are facing is very bleak and gloomy, but why does so many of IVers around here wear it on their sleeves. All garfield asked was a valid question and more like advise and in jumped eb3retro with a lecture on his profile with a tinge of sarcasm to vent his weeklong frustration.
    With a movement like IV is trying to be, how is it ever going to be sussessful if there are unwelcoming smug people like eb3retro,. They contribute $20 and then they feel they own the joint, and have to find and boss around someone who doesn't dot their i's and cross their t's to feel better about themselves.
    In the vein of openness that the eb3retro is asking garfield to post his details, let's take this a step further and post the picture and names also alongwith other details, to put a smug face with smug messages.
    Peace out.

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  • nviren
    02-24 01:51 PM

    In the draft, the countrywise cap is set to 10% of the quota. That's still a big stumbling block for Chinese and Indians.
    We should push for getting rid of this countrywise cap.

    Another, just a thought. Once they increase the cap and all those changes, so many people will be eligible and apply for 140 & 485. They will become eligible for EAD and AC21. The USCIS will drown in I140 and I485 applications and recurring appls for EADs resulting in huge administrative delays. So the spead gained by legislative action will get lost by backlog due to administrative actions. Classic case of give by one hand and take away by another.

    Any thoughts?



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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-14 02:57 PM
    Another example of how inefficient USCIS is. I have applied my EAD in Aug 28th, did the FP in Sept 22, case still pending. I sent to Texas Service center.

    Which center did you file your EAD?

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  • canleo98
    01-11 02:29 PM
    As per my understanding, extension will be given if and only if :
    Either Labor is pending for more than 365 days or Labor and I-140 is approved.
    If Labor is pending for more than 365 days, one year extension is approved and if Labor and I-140 is approved, three year extension is approved.
    Am I right in interpreting the rule correctly?

    Hello All,
    I am on 7th year of my H1 and my I-140 is pending. Since my current H1 is about to expire, I need to file for my 8th year of H1 extension. Do you think there could be some problem in getting my 8th year extension since my labor is approved and I-140 is pending. The way I interpreted the extension rule is that you can only get the extension if your labor is pending for more than 1 year but in my case my labor is approved and I-140 is pending.And I cannot wait for I-140 approval since my current H1 is about to expire.

    Please advise.



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  • dealsnet
    01-05 08:16 AM
    If your extension paper come with I-94 attached, take it and staple it on your passport. (That is your new I-94). White paper need to keep in safe place. If it is expired, no value for it.


    I have a last minute doubt - my H1B stamp on the passport is expired, so is the white I94 card. I have a valid I797 extension.

    Can I use automatic revalidation? I am in doubt because the white I94 card is expired and I will have to present it to the officer at the port of entry.


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  • boreal
    06-07 01:40 AM
    I will keep you posted.

    I am not really sure about the chances of such bills passing. Having an upper limit of 20k per year, similar to the quota for Master's in H1-B, might have relatively better chances of passing. Otherwise, all the anti-immigrant nuts from alipac and numbersusa will derail everything even before anything hits the discussion level...

    btw, i read that the alipac founder was called lots of names in a NC newspaper...(details on their web-site)..that sounded like sweet nectar to me...he deserves all of it and more....the way he and all his honchos in their forum ban and bully everyone (not just illegal, but legal would-be immigrants)...just desserts!!!

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  • PDOCT05
    10-30 10:59 AM
    what does ur online status show btw? also ur dep's earlier checks havent cashed right ? dumb Q :-( one of my friend got in to similar situation he sent it back and checks cashed not sure how much did he sent though.

    The status shows application received and rejected. As per the notice the reason is missing signature.The check's haven't cashed..,can you please check with your friend how long it took for him to get the check's cashed after re-sending the application?

    10-14 08:57 AM
    Renew you AP before Feb 25, 2009. You are usually paroled upto an year from the date of entry.

    Yes you can file for AP your self, its as easy as filling out the form.

    The stamps having nothing to do with the renewal.

    My AP is expiring in Feb 25, 2009. I have some question regarding the renewal of my AP. When I came back this time afterthe vacation, at the airport they stamp my ap saying that it's expiring One June 30, 2009. what does that mean?

    When should i have to renew my AP?

    How long does it going to take?

    Can i do it by myself as my lawyer is charing $1000 every time i'm using her (she charged me legal fee $1000 for my EAD renewal)?

    When i apply for the Ap renewal does it have anythign to do with the AP stamping saying expires: june 30, 2009?

    Your answer is always appreciated

    Thanks Ahead

    PD May 2006

    03-15 11:27 AM
    What did your lawyer say about this? Now you have a delivery confirmation, did you lawyer suggest that USCIS consider the dates as of last year and process your resubmitted application. Certainly it is not your fault,,

    They said that they would request an exception in our case. We are going to request that based on our original submission date that our pending case have a current priority date. All dates were current for our case up until the April visa bulletin.

    I am really hoping that USCIS sees this error. Has anyone had any experience with USCIS? And were they cooperative?

    thank you for your reply.

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