Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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  • sriramkalyan
    02-25 10:06 AM

    go get info there !

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  • freakin_gc
    11-14 03:19 PM
    I dont have any hope that I will be receiving GC soon...my I-140 is still pending at NSC and unfortunately I'm from India ;(

    PD AUG 2004(EB3)
    140 Pending RD June 26th, 2007
    485 Pending RD Aug 13, 2007
    EAD APPROVED Oct 26, 2007
    FP DONE SEPT Oct 20, 2007
    AP APPROVED Nov 2, 2007

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  • narendra_modi
    03-04 03:45 PM
    Hi guys,
    this is my first post, so please bear with me ..How can a novice know that this forum is for EB category ? small suggestion to iv team, a small iv admin fix...

    can typing immigrationvoice.org take us all to "ebimmigrationvoice.org" or eb-legal-immigrationvoice.org" ? (eg. ibnlive.com takes you to ibnlive.in.com) In that way eventually everybody will know its a eb immigration voice and no other legal immigrants forums..

    Sr members, please share your views on this topic..


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  • snathan
    05-17 05:04 PM
    Thanks Nathan for quick response.

    But what do i need to do? Do i have to change my place of birth in my indian passport? Can i have "Nepal" as place of birth in my indian passport? Do i still remain indian citizen or would it be considered a fraud? I think, my parents put india as birth place, so i dont face any difficulty in india. what does Indian constitution say about citizenzip?

    Are there more people like me here? who were born outside of india, but are Indian citizens?

    Thank you for help

    People who were born outside India can be Indian Citizen. But you need to have the only one country as birth place. Otherwise it will create trouble for you with USCIS


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  • EndlessWait
    05-21 01:18 PM
    We all know, Mexican govt. lobbied quite a lot for there ppl. Looks like its a fair course. NRIs serve both interests US and back home. India and US seem to be strong allies now then ever, so perhaps we should ask the Indian govt. to voice our concerns.

    Its only fair when illegals can get all the attention, why can't we.

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  • eb3India
    04-09 12:47 PM
    President Bush is talking about CIR in Arizona, before the talk on MSNBC there was interesting discussion on whatz coming for CIR

    itz that time again guys I see this as a kickoff from whitehouse on STRIVE and immigration reform,

    will update here as it goes by,


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  • rajuseattle
    08-14 05:31 PM

    dont worry your attorney knows the process of contacting Service centre folks in these type of situation where USCIS erroneously rejected your wife's I-485 petition.

    He will know thro' his AILA liason the appropriate procedure to get hold of USCIS and correct this situation.

    Your wife wont be out of status, since she entered on H-4 dependent status, once her I-485 gets in processing queue she will be in AoS pending status and that will let her stay in this country until USCIS gets her GC.

    Make sure her application somehow gets to USCIS AoS adjudication unit and you receive the USCIS receipt notice establishing her Priority date similar to yours on the I-485 receipt notice. you can apply for her EAD and AP so that she can work and travel outside of US using her AP.

    Hope this helps you.

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  • dealsnet
    01-05 11:41 AM
    First year or 10th year of H1B, the law is same.

    Can I use AVR even if I am on my 8th year of H1B (because of an approved I140, waiting for I485 to become current)?


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  • alparsons
    January 1st, 2005, 02:26 PM
    by the way the reason that strobe is tricky (I didn't say on previos post). is that you can't see the exact efect of the lighting through the camera

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  • voldemar
    12-31 02:30 PM
    If your wife wants to work, then, of course, both of you have to be on EAD.That's not correct. Primary applicant could be on H1 and dependent use EAD. When dependent starts using EAD it doesn't affect primary applicant.


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  • loudoggs
    10-29 11:32 AM
    Did you get the receipt for your dependent's 485 application or was it rejected before they issued a receipt?


    I am july 2nd filer and for dependant the case has been rejected for missing signature.My lawyer is refiling it today. I have following questions can some one clarify me?

    1) Is there any precautions that i should take while re-filing?

    2) Will USCIS accept the app or should they make me wait for my PD?


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  • ita
    11-12 09:42 AM
    My wife's EAD was also sent back even though we haven't moved. She got all her other receipts. I didn't have her name in the mail box. Wondering if it is the reason but again she got all her receipts, ad parole. We called USCIS they opened a Service Request. It will take a month minimum.

    What is the # u called to talk to CSR?


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  • mgmanoj
    08-27 06:21 PM
    He has 20 years experience means 13 + 9 years of experience will make bachelors equivalent and 10 years of experience.

    Will the job requirement saying bachelors equivalent + 10 year experience will qualify as EB2 ? rather than masters or bachelors plus 5 years ?

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  • pappu
    01-09 11:56 AM
    Come on fellas, I need your input.

    Could you update your profile please. Your profile says you are from Afghanistan and other details are missing.

    The delays you pointed out are actually being discussed by IV core at this time (part of our 2009 plan if members want to) and we are thinking of making a case for it. In order to do that we will need statistics on our site to prove how many people (our members) are affected. We can use that % dataset to determine the similarity with overall similar cases. We can also use the statistics to make a case for all cases that are current for a long time and still waiting. We will need community's help if you all want to use the stats and graphs for our presentation on this advocacy effort. This effort will be successful if we get help from all members EB1, EB2 ROW and others in all categories that are current for I485 or are outside their application processing times for their other immigration applications. This may become one of our 2009 push and we can work on it.

    Writing letters is good. But they need to be backed by a campaign and IV name needs to be behind it to make it a national campaign. Not sure how much individual letters may help as we have learnt from past experiences.

    Good you posted this thread. Let us have a discussion what EB1, EB2ROW and others that are current want? And also what people whose I140 etc is stuck and are outside processing time want? Are they willing to support such campaign? Can these people get all such folks together on this platform to run this campaign?


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  • jjjun
    10-02 12:39 PM
    I saw so many RFE recently. I am wondering If there is RFE, the attorney can not represent me. Can i just send RFE by myself to CIS? Or the attorney has to do it.


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  • immiindi09
    01-09 04:47 PM
    Will it count at renewal or new application?


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  • Saralayar
    07-17 05:47 PM

    After consulting with Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Visa Office advises readers that Visa Bulletin #107 (dated June 12) should be relied upon as the current July Visa Bulletin for purposes of determining Employment visa number availability, and that Visa Bulletin #108 (dated July 2) is hereby withdrawn.

    Does this mean that we have to file I-485 before August 1st?. From August 1st, the August visa bulletin is effective and all the EB category dates are U.:confused:

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  • ibmguy
    04-09 02:09 PM
    Thanks to all who responded. I really appreciate your time. Your replies have really been useful. It seems like one can maintain both H-1B and I-485 adjudicating status simultaneously. Some employers probably go by the policy of continuing H-1B status. Only thing for me is that I will have to go for visa stamping which I really did not want to as it is such a hassle and takes a lot of time.

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  • snarla
    06-29 01:59 PM
    My lawyers asked me to use the OPT number on all my forms where it asked for A# number of FileNumber ... I did not have a A# number on my I140

    07-02 03:01 PM
    USCIS and DOS played ping pong on us.

    USCIS played June Fool.

    We are panned.

    I told my wife that I will get her EAD in 3 months. Now what I should I say. I am insulted embarassed.

    I planned to leave my company in 6 months. Now again I am struck.

    I decided to marry a girl just because the dates are current. Now I am struck.

    Oh USCIS(GOD)!!, Why did you do this me?

    03-01 03:00 PM
    Always try to go for group policy with your employer, even if you are paying 100% of the premium and your company is not contributing a dime. That way your premiums are lower than what you get from the open market...may be you do not have that option but good to know... I can vouch for Kaiser, they are very good.

    I was using my employers policy where I had $1000 deductible and paying $1100 per month (2adults+2kids).I switched to BCBS for personal insuracne with $5000 out of pocket limits with $435 premium/month. my calcualtion was I pay $5000 as monthly premiusms + $5000 max deductible -$1000per month just like I was with my employer. At least we can see some saving until we have to spend some amount on healthcare as deductible+outofpocket expenses.So far luck is with me and hoping it will continue.

    But Again --these plans keep on increasing their price yearly --So I am also looking for good plan in Maryland.When I compared from ehealthinsuranne.com BCBS had better plans than Kaiser.but Kaiser seems to be public choice here.

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