Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mitsubishi Evolution Xi

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  • lvinaykumar
    05-18 12:42 PM
    The only scenario where porting from EB3 to EB2 would help someone else in the EB3 queue is when the person who ported does not use the regular allotment of the EB3 and hence another EB3 person gets it. But then, a lot of EB3 folks get in front of other EB3s by moving to EB2 and this reduces the chance of the extra visa numbers reaching EB3. I would say porting is not good for the EB3 people staying in EB3 except a few situations.

    I was not aware that EB3 were getting over regular allotment....but porting is the only way i see people getting the GC in a reasonable time-frame if you are stuck in EB3 queue :cool:

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  • kirupa
    05-16 10:38 PM
    That looks really nice sparky!

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  • same_old_guy
    04-13 05:43 PM
    If it had 485 filing provision in it it would been wonderful. Shall we start sending email or call to Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) ?? What is IV's take on this ?

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  • deardar
    07-06 10:55 AM
    Brother why ?


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  • shensh
    02-15 09:43 AM
    In order to apply under EB1, she must be L1-A holder which means her positions before/after the internal transfer are at executive or managerial level (some companies are very strict on their definition of "executive" level, usually not for someone with 3 years experience). Otherwise she can only get L1-B for skilled worker which is not qualified for EB1.
    Her best bet is to apply for H1-B, the fact that her husband is GC holder does not matter to her H1-B application as long as her employer gets her H1-B quota and 797.

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  • brasil
    07-29 08:55 PM
    Quoting what reason did the DMV confiscated your driver's license?
    Standard procedure and license was about to expire.
    This does not apply for address change if the expiration date is long...


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  • newbee7
    07-04 03:59 PM
    This is a clear indication of they used the numbers illegaly. There is no way these errors will be accepted by court as a reason to revise the july bulletin.

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  • ttdam
    11-05 09:58 PM
    Congrats! Thanks for the feedback. From which center (TSC or VSC) your FP received.

    I got my FP from TSC
    My I-485 got transferred to TSC from VSC.

    Got soft LUD on approved I-140 on 11/04


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  • Dhundhun
    06-26 01:02 PM
    If you paper filed your EAD and have done finger printing recently that could be the reason for 485 LUD. Its my opinion after every finger printing there will be an LUD in 485

    No. FP for EAD is catagory 2, FP for I485 is catagory 3. I have not seen any LUD on I485 for getting FP for EAD.

    As suggested by "mittal_a" it should be due to AC21 or some other routine stuff.

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  • wantMyGC
    09-13 09:24 PM
    Thanks ImmigrationAnswerMan for your inputs.

    1) What if I stay with the same employer for the next 6 months, then take a re-entry permit on family issues and go to India for about 18 months?

    2) I heard this (#1) will break continuity, what if I stay 5 years in the US after I come back (#1), will it cause any issues in the naturalization process?


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  • newbie2020
    11-26 05:15 PM
    BTW , Raja Krishnamoorthi is a very close friend of Barack Obama. He is currently competing for State Comptroller (A public position) in IL.

    He had personally visited the president at his oval office so folks if someone thinks he can help he surely can help.

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  • mittal_ravi
    09-23 08:01 PM
    I am Aug 1st filer ( Nebraska) and still waiting on check encashment or any kind of response.


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  • GCBoy786
    10-08 05:14 PM
    What do u mean by that? I'm a July 2nd filer.

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  • number30
    04-10 10:40 AM
    First of all, thanks very much Prashanthi Reddy for answering questions. Could you help me out with this.

    I have I-140 approved with more than 180 days with I-485 pending.
    I still have valid H1.
    Can someone be with their sponsoring employer on H1 and start business on EAD part time.

    Once you start working for any employment othen the H1 sponsored company you will loose your H1 status.


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  • desiin_va
    01-04 04:03 PM
    Clink on members list, you should see the number at the bottom

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  • panacea
    08-09 07:57 PM
    anybody? I'm also in similar kind of situation.


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  • smarth
    06-02 11:34 AM

    I received today RFE on my I-485 from NSC, still my attorney didn't receive the notice.
    Please tell what kind of RFE generally they give.


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  • billu
    05-10 12:29 PM
    I see your way of viewing this; but I have to disagree with you on this.

    We have to do something for ourselves and for the future high skilled immigrants; it is now or never.

    It is not just about the "proposal"; everyone here knows that it is just a proposal and it has long ways to go. However, if we do not work on our agenda now, chances of getting any of our provisions in any future immigration bill are slim.

    Do you have any other proposal as to "what should we do"; besides "not doing anyting"? If you do, we are more than happy to hear your opinion.

    I am sorry to say and do not mean to offend you, but if you think outside the "box" of the proposal; this is the right environment to promote our agenda and bring the awareness of high-skilled immigrantion issues.

    No way did i mean that not doing anything is good. all i tried to point out that a lot of people are arguing and debating about the proposals as IF they were actual laws !!let us try to find out ways in which we can have a direct or indirect impact on the bill. if you think that by debating and discussing about the proposals here in the forums will do that, then go on.

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  • chanduv23
    11-01 06:06 AM
    We are meeting tonight, looking forward to seeing all dedicated and active state chapter members..!

    How did it go? Hope you took pictures :)

    10-05 10:27 AM
    I think you have period of 180 days after being out of status to apply for permanent residency. I'm not sure though. It would probably be your best bet to double check with a lawyer and get professional advice. Good luck.

    Yes, you are right. Now that I think about it, I do remember seeing that a person can apply for their AOS within 6 months of their being out-of-status. I am in close touch w/ my attorney, and he seems to be OK with the situation, but after seeing some disturbing tales on these forums, I wanted to confirm.

    02-27 01:00 AM
    Each category(EB2 or EB3) has it's own cut off date. Per March VB, EB3 India is Aug 2001 and Eb2 is U. If VB date is current for both category then I-485 RD matters most.

    There are many tread here to predict VB cut-off date for each category. So your guess as good as mine. :)

    I have been thinking in what way EB2 vs EB3 matters after filing 485. Here is the scenario..

    My friend (EB2-INDIA-Labor_Dec2005-485_receipt_Date_072007) and I (EB3-INDIA--Labor_Dec2001-485_receipt_Date_062007) have filed our I-485 almost same time...

    Assume that all Dates are curent now...My friend was saying that he will get his GC prior to me since he is EB2...

    My question is in what way EB2 vs EB3 matters once we file I-485. According to me, as long as Visa dates are current EB2/EB3 does not matter. It all depends of RD (Receipt Date) when Visa dates are current..

    Please correct me if I am wrong...

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