Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • sri1309
    11-04 06:33 AM

    Please congratulate the new President. Send your messages.

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  • whitecollarslave
    02-24 02:29 PM
    For those who think that this is good and will not affect them -

    What we are hearing now in the news is just the tip of the iceberg. It is just ground work to justify tougher measures against employment based immigration. If it continues, CIR will be passed giving path to citizenship to ILLEGAL immigrants without any measure for employment based immigration. Remember, the only folks who have been in influential position to support EB immigration has been big businesses (like Microsoft, Oracle) and AILA. With the rising unemployment rate, nobody will listen to these businesses. With the indictment of (even a few) cases of H-1B fraud, AILA will not be able to fight the impending tsunami against legal employment based immigrants.

    If we don't do anything, illegals will be citizens while people with H-1 and even EAD will be forced to go back. This is the beginning of the end to employment based immigration.

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  • gbof
    01-28 09:16 PM
    Folks, please help:

    I had submitted both parents' affidavit along with my 485. Now i got RFE with only 3 weeks to reply. My name and DOB is diff in my BC so it's of no use and they won't issue NABC. I recvd BC from consulate and i am going to submit it along with a copy of my 10th grade leaving cert.

    My questions are:
    1. Can USCIS deny 485 solely due to lack of BC/NABC ? if yes then What are the chances of denial ?
    2. If the officer does not think that consulate BC is enough, will they deny 485 or issue another RFE?
    3. Do you know anyone whose 485 was denied simply for no BC/NABC reason?
    4. My 485 was (wrongfully) denied few months ago when my ex revoked the approved I-140, could this affect the future processing of the case -vely (i hope not) ?

    Thanks in advance.

    I can not say on on Q1 or Q3 but for Q2, I am told by attorney USCIS does not entertain BC from consulate or BC issued by school board.

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  • WTFever
    12-02 09:31 PM
    This is not right place to give your adds.

    Admin : Please delete this thread.

    This is not an AD moron. I am not looking to hire anyone. I am asking about NON-IMMIGRANT VISA advice. Since the forum is titled Immigration Voice > Immigration Information > NON-IMMIGRANT VISAS, I don't think my post can be THAT far from the right section.


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  • mmk123
    02-19 06:40 AM
    No insurance here covers pre-existing conditions. sorry... Others can correct me, but only india network plan covers emergency conditions that arise from pre-existing conditions.. at least better than nothing. Hence, plan accordingly. You can still get expensive plans with a better coverage but still they don't cover any pre-existing conditions. Regarding normal situations, one of my friends had good experience with them for one of the claims.. pls note, i have nothing to do with them and not a PR for them.

    if you shop more, you should get a comprehensive plan that covers everything but will be interesting to see how affordable it will be..

    hope this helps, good luck.

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  • GCOrNoGC
    08-20 04:57 PM
    Thank your for ur reply....What about I-129 petition & withdrawal letter...Is there anything that protects me which states that i have a right to get a copy of documents - petition, letter, etc,...from employer. Can somebody point me in the right direction to so that i have a case in point.!


    I sent you a couple of PM's, can you pls respond



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  • Curious_Techie
    08-07 05:53 PM
    I came back on Sunday after landing with a expired visa but valid H1B till 2010
    My family had valid visa till sept 07

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  • lax999
    08-11 12:43 PM
    My Info:
    PD: 05/2006
    RD: July-02-2007
    I140 Approved in 2006


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  • regacct
    01-20 12:47 PM
    This is the only country in the world which experiences this constant and repeated rebirth. Other countries depend upon the multiplication of their own native people. This country is constantly drinking strength out of new sources by the voluntary association with it of great bodies of strong men and forward-looking women out of other lands. And so by the gift of the free will of independent people it is being constantly renewed from generation to generation by the same process by which it was originally created. �.. We came to America, either ourselves or in the persons of our ancestors, to better the ideals of men, to make them see finer things than they had seen before, to get rid of the things that divide and to make sure of the things that unite. It was but an historical accident no doubt that this great country was called the "United States"; yet I am very thankful that it has that word "United" in its title, and the man who seeks to divide man from man, group from group, interest from interest in this great Union is striking at its very heart. ----Woodrow Wilson

    Nearly all Americans have ancestors who braved the oceans�liberty-loving risk takers in search of an ideal�the largest voluntary migrations in recorded history. Across the Pacific, across the Atlantic, they came from every point on the compass�many passing beneath the Statue of Liberty�with fear and vision, with sorrow and adventure, fleeing tyranny or terror, seeking haven, and all seeking hope�Immigration is not just a link to America�s past; it�s also a bridge to America�s future. � George H. W. Bush

    I received a letter just before I left office from a man. I don�t know why he chose to write it, but I�m glad he did. He wrote that you can go to live in France, but you can�t become a Frenchman. You can go to live in Germany or Italy, but you can�t become a German, an Italian. He went through Turkey, Greece, Japan and other countries. But he said anyone, from any corner of the world, can come to live in the United States and become an American. � Ronald Reagan

    Our attitude toward immigration reflects our faith in the American ideal. We have always believed it possible for men and women who start at the bottom to rise as far as their talent and energy allow. Neither race nor place of birth should affect their chances. � Robert F. Kennedy

    Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists. � Franklin D. Roosevelt

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  • dante1271
    08-26 12:58 PM
    My H1B extension was filed just one day before my I-485 was sent to NSC last July. I was able to get 3 years extension company paid for premium processing though... I think you should be ok with filing the extension. Talk to your lawyer...
    This is not correct. you can apply for 1 year extensions if you have applied for 485 and is pending.


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  • swaraj
    11-12 01:07 PM
    Thanks all for your replies.
    Is it correct to assume that immigration officer at port of entry will be able to grant a stay for upto 6 months in I-94 even if the visa is expiring in a few days?

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  • gcpool
    03-12 06:29 AM
    The above is right. But make sure its applied all over the application. If not the application will be returned to you. Use the above argument in the front and then attach both the I-140s and then mark on the I-140 which is original one and which ones priority date is being used.
    Do this for every applicant. Get it done via an attorney who has done this before. Most of them dont even have a clue how to do it.

    It can be done at I-485 stage.

    Thank you all for your response. As per him ( my attorney) - you apply for I-485 with the new I-140. Provide reference to earlier PD as reason for your application. He provided the following text from the USCIS's I-140/I-485 adjudication document.

    If an alien is the beneficiary of two (or more) approved employment-based immigrant visa petitions, the priority of the earlier petition may be applied to all subsequently-filed employment-based petitions. For example:
    Company A files a labor certification request on behalf of an alien ("Joe") as a janitor on January 10, 2003. The DOL issues the certification on March 20, 2003. Company A later files, and USCIS approves, a relating I-140 visa petition under the EB-3 category. On July 15, 2003, Joe files a second I-140 visa petition in his own behalf as a rocket scientist under the EB-1 category, which USCIS approves. Joe is entitled to use the January 10, 2003, priority date to apply for adjustment under either the EB-1 or the EB-3 classification



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  • feedfront
    10-16 03:03 PM
    I used AP first time to enter. I had to go thru 2nd inspection where I was instructed to sit and after 15-20 mins, I got my AP back with stamped. I had applied for H1B visa also in India and it got stuck into 'administrative processing'. After extending my stay by 1 week, my employer/attorney suggested to use AP to enter. I did not had any issue @SFO POE even though my visa application is still under 'administrative processing'.

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  • franklin
    10-18 08:47 PM
    This is in the wrong forum, you might get better answers if you post in the EAD and AP forums, not the one about rally logistics


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  • kaisersose
    07-18 03:26 PM
    1. Can we use AC21 provision without EAD card ?
    2. My H1 expires in Jan 2008. Do I need to have EAD card before that ?
    3. Can we apply for EAD later, after you have filed 485 and AP? If so do we need any reciept of 485 application?

    1. Can we use AC21 provision without EAD card ?

    Answer: Sure, you can. In fact, that is the advised approach. Do not fall back on EAD unless absolutely necessary.

    2. My H1 expires in Jan 2008. Do I need to have EAD card before that ?

    Yes, If you wish to work on EAD then you need to have it by Jan 2008. Unless the interim EAD option is bought back, I doubt if any July filer will have an EAD by January 2008. I would suggest you be prepared to extend your H-1b.

    3. Can we apply for EAD later, after you have filed 485 and AP? If so do we need any reciept of 485 application?

    Answer: Yes. You can do it yourself, but you will need evidence to show that a 485 has been applied.

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  • vaishnavilakshmi
    09-27 03:49 PM
    Whoever has already attended FP, did the FP officer ask for 485 receipt also along with FP Notice.

    I received FP Notice, but didnot receive receipts. I have the FP appointment tomorrow.


    they did not ask us anything about any reciepts.U need to carry the ASC(FP) notice and photo identity.Thats all.!



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  • JunRN
    12-17 07:37 PM
    It your decision and must get a good lawyer. If I were you, I will file AC21.

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  • eastindia
    05-10 10:31 AM
    You nailed it my friend.

    I have been thinking of it for years.

    It has to be discussed very seriously.

    Note: Give me your lawyer email id. I will ask him to charge every question you ask, so he does not have to have any clients except you for his living.

    A lot of lawyers do not charge money for every question you ask if you are their client. You can easily email them and ask questions or post on their intranet. It is part of their service that helps them get more business.

    If your employer is their client, then of course the lawyer may not respond to you. Why should he?

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  • smartboy75
    07-17 07:30 PM
    Kindly reply to this thread so that it is always visible under RECENT POSTS just as a reminder to everyone ..

    01-27 10:51 AM
    Birth Certificate didnt have my name and my stupid lawyer had not submitted the employment letter. We then submitted my parents' affidavit, school records and employment letter.

    Later on my case was transferred to National Benefits Center and now this interview.

    10-12 07:59 AM
    Even I recieved 2 copies each of FP notices for me and my wife. I don't know if my lawyer got one, if any.

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