Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • Enebreus
    01-19 07:36 PM
    Just a quick note. I used the Box2d Library for this project so this might invalidate my entry... if that's the case I'll have to put all hope in my second entry!

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  • StuckInTheMuck
    05-04 04:54 PM
    I thought same as you..and I was like what, now a query(RFE) on air travel? :)
    Changed the title - better now?:) Unfortunately it does not show up where it matters (in the list of "Recent Forum Posts")

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  • mhtanim
    03-18 12:13 AM
    Hi lavanyamohan and mhtahim,
    Many of my friends utilized Mr.Gowda for H1B and GC. All my friends & hundreds in the same firm got GC'S without any querries.
    Frankly speaking I do not have any personal relations with the company.
    I used his services and felt exactly what mhtahim mentioned about Gowda. He is reasonable and professional.

    All the best

    Appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

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  • gcdreamer05
    08-20 10:09 AM
    overseas i waited for replies checked with some of my friends and finally decided to post it to TExas center based on my state that i live in Mass.

    Posted the app today morning so i would suggest you to post it to TX.


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  • Billboard
    08-07 04:53 PM

    Iam trying to explain my employer that it's ok to hire employees with EAD. For some reason they prefer GC or Citizen only. I referred them to the Discrimination clause on I-9 form. Then they told me about their problems hiring EAD.

    1) If the Employee is hired on a valid EAD and later during the course of employment the EAD expired, there is no system in place for them to check back with the employee if (s)he has renewed it in a timely manner.

    2) If such an employee that has not renewed their EAD and continued their employment beyond expiration without notifying the employer, the company is worried that they may be legally liable for harboring employees with illegal statuses.

    Please help me understand if their concerns are valid and if not what is the remedy.

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  • EB3_SEP04
    06-30 10:10 AM
    Last year it went to california center because of the large no. of applications due to july visa bulletin. You should file to Texas service center because you are in NJ (please read the instructions to verify).

    Chantu, you did not understand my question. My question is not about where i should file NOW, but it's about where i filed LAST YEAR. it's about Question # 11.


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  • supender
    09-21 03:16 PM
    I highly appreciate your advice. It sads that you had to go throught GC process so many times. In fact this is my third I-140 too. The first two never got approved due to silly administartive errors on employers part ( old check and job notice at wrong site) and I had to abandon them.

    One of the other fix I have is : if I should leave my present job or not , as my fear of loosing job might just be in mind. I am wondering, if worse comes to worse and if I loose job with an approved I-140, will I be able to secure job with another employer and use this I-140 to get an extension. I am a Physical Therapist and EB-2 positions are hard to come by in the state I am in. I want to take the risk to stay with this employer and take my chances. But I also want to have a back plan ( premium processing I-140).I dont know if it can work. Please share your thoughts.

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  • map_boiler
    06-29 12:11 PM

    if an A# is present in the I-140 receipt should that be used to fill the 485/EAD forms ?



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  • rbkrao
    09-12 01:20 PM
    There should be a way to mention the no of Green Cards applied for in a family. I could vote as EB2 . but in my family I applied for 3. this count also should be captured right?

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  • nixstor
    09-27 02:11 PM
    Lou Dobbs need to talk to Heenan and not the vice-versa :)


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  • transpass
    08-27 02:02 PM
    what is mandatory?.....what happens if a person has to move 6 months after they file I-485.....aint they going to change their address??.....can we use AR-11 to do that?....there is no way I can wait for 4 years at my current place to get my green card in hand.....would appreciate any suggestions

    It's against the law not to provide CIS your new address within 10 days (?) of your move. FYI, it is mandatory even after you get GC...

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  • saps
    01-08 07:06 PM
    Most likely, I might be moving into a new apartment next month. My EAD and AP are due for filing for extensions. Is it really necessary to file EAD and AP renewals in continuity? Can I wait and file the renewals after I move and have the new address information? This means that I might not get the renewed EAD and AP before my previous ones expire. I am currenly on H1-B and have not used EAD and not planning to use EAD and AP in near future.
    Any help is really appreciated.


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  • kaisersose
    12-18 04:29 PM
    I do not have links, but I have heard of 140 approvals being called into question during 485 adjudication. Some have resulted in 140 denials at that point.

    So a 140 approval is not carved in is reversible.

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  • jkays94
    04-26 06:57 PM
    Glad to have been of assistance and happy that the IV core played the greatest part in getting the story out. Lets keep our eyes and ears open as we look out for more opportunities. There is a potential opportunity from this article shared by gonecrazyonh4 :

    I looked around the site and found out that the misleading article was an op-ed and that the paper actually has someone dedicated to immigration issues. I found the following info, it might be worth following up as part of telling the other side of the story and correcting misperceptions that may have been created :

    Brenda Gazzar : brenda.gazzar at, Immigration and Ethnic Issues (909) 483-9355

    More contacts here :


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  • dealsnet
    05-06 04:10 PM
    Your earlier post regarding same story about your friend. Now you are telling it is your case. Which one is true.???
    Are you making story and make sensation??
    Guys see her earlier post.

    Urgent:h1 visa holder leaving country without informing employer!


    Please help!

    One of my friends holding h1 visa had to travel outsdie the country for a family emergency. She informed her employer at the earliest opportunity she had, after reaching India. Now her employer had filed a law suit against her, stating that it is against law to leave the country without informing the employer! Is this true? Will she be in trouble? The employer had not paid her salary for past 2 months. She is ok with not continuing her employment with this employer if they are not willing to give the pay slips, and is ok with staying in India for a while. But she is worried that, will this case cause her any issue in future, when she return back to USA?

    Any valuable suggestion will be highly appreciated.

    My employer needs to pay me back wages for 3 months from Dec-2008 to Feb-2009. I travelled to India in March and informed the employer about the same after reaching India. Now the employer have filed a civil case against me for contract dispute. Can I file a complaint against my employer in Department of Labor, to get back the pending wages till March from outside the country?

    Please help, as we are in a difficult financial situation and I cannot pay the employer the amount he demands for contract dispute, if the court rules against me, unless he pays me my pendng wages.

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  • hpandey
    03-12 10:18 AM
    Interesting. I never received the 1099-INT. Will talk to my bank.

    You would receive the 1099-INT form only if your interest income is above 10 $ . If it is less than that you won't get it . That's why probably you did not receive it if you had negligible interest.


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  • dealsnet
    05-07 01:35 PM
    Do not use some one's profile, if you want answer from any one. To make a new profile will take less than 10 minutes. If you don't have 10 minutes, then how other people spend their time to answer your questions. You want free advice, but you are not willing to join IV. This all shows the mindset of the people.
    Any way using some one's username and password is highly illegal. Ask IV moderator for permission to use some body's account. is very unfortunate that you felt that im here to make sensation by creating stories out of my head..!

    the qn raised afew months ago was my friend who had this profile in this community..she gave me the link of the response, and also asked me to use her profile in future as she seldom use this community my situation, when we are going through lot of stress, i did not find time to create a new profile or update the current profile...i hope its not a major crime!!

    today i checked the profile page, and i did not see anything relevant information that i can add (most of it is GC application related, which im not dong). the only thing i could do is remove the state of residence of my friend!

    i cannot reveal my identity or share my personal information in a public forum other than my location which is India.

    My employer had filed a civil complaint, saying i have broken the contract which i signed with them that i will work with them for 18 months!

    if you do not feel comfortable helping a person without knowing the identity(i dnt see anybody in this forum using their real name), it is totally fine.

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  • guy03062
    07-17 12:42 AM
    kudos to ImmigrationVoice's core team and its members, especially flower campaign and San Jose rally. Apart from Congresswoman Lofgren, IV is the one who really added immense pressure on Govt by their root level activites.

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  • tabletpc
    08-23 02:59 PM
    But using AC21 without having I-140 approved is big risk..u never know how the X emplyer might treat communication with USCICS with RFE is received.

    I am presuming many r in a situation where they ahve i-140 pending and 485 filed.

    12-20 02:00 PM
    Hello Everybody,

    My wife & I have our 485 interviews in January. Any advice is appreciated. Mine is a EB (EB- 2) petition. Our PD is April 2006. We filed for 485's in July 2007 and our 485's were transferred to National Benefits Center in 2008. I was promoted hence my title is different now from what was filed on the Labor application and job duties only changed a little bit. My petitioner is the same,

    Couple of questions -
    Will they interview my wife & I together ?
    Is it advisable to take the immigration attorney with us for the interview.?
    Can the IO approve the case on the spot.?
    Can IO stamp the passport since my PD is current.?

    If somebody can direct me to any recent experiences for folks who did have interviews - that would be really helpful.



    06-15 01:02 PM
    My husband is the primary applicant for our GC application and he's on bench since Feb 2009. We have valid EAD and AP's. We are planning to travel using our AP for a 3 week visit to India. He still has a valid H1B, since his payroll is not running for the last 4 months his employer suggested him to move into his EAS status. When we asked the attorney if we need to apply somewhere to move to EAD status from H1B he said we donot need to.
    Our question....Is it sensible to travel on AP him being unemployed?

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