Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • Canadian_Dream
    11-02 01:03 PM
    Berry, Appleman & Leiden LLP is probably the best immigration law firm in West Coast.

    In case you don't about the class action law suit of Chintakuntla et al. v. INS, please check the link:

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  • pappu
    11-30 01:34 PM
    eb3India, thanks for joining the chapter thread. Unfortunately others have not signed up yet. I will be in Indianapolis next weekend and if we have some more chapter members and you all want to organize a small meeting , I can join you.

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  • RNGC
    02-05 04:47 PM

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  • gcformeornot
    09-25 03:53 PM
    When 140 is revoked USCIS generally send NOID and ask from a offer letter from intended(new) employer. If you can not provide a letter from new employer... they will deny 485.... sorry.

    Your EAD is valid, but it is useful only if you have a new job.


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  • vin13
    04-16 10:23 AM
    Hello Attorney,

    My wife received a RFE on her I-485 for missing medical test (TB test).
    The deadline for responding to RFE is May 9th. She is out of the country currently and is scheduled to return on June 3rd.

    Can we request an extension of time to reply to RFE based on hardship?
    We just need one more month to comply with RFE.

    Does USCIS normally provide extension for situations like the one above?
    I took an infopass appointmnet at Baltimore and they couldn't offer a concrete answer since the case is pending with TSC. They asked me to reply to RFE asking for extension and provide supporting documents. I'm not sure if that would be accepted and results in denial of I-485.

    Thanks in advance,

    Can you not ask your wife to fly back early? Is there a genuine hardship.

    When we had our fingerprint appointment and my wife was out of town, the attorneys said it is better not to reschedule. So she flew in before the appointment just to get the fingerprints done on time.

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  • misfortune13
    03-16 08:49 PM
    I love joining to this forum


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  • BlueSoft
    01-16 06:19 AM

    Do not upgrade your file for Premium Processing. Any time you do that, chances for an RFE from USCIS goo higher. You will get a decision from USCIS within two weeks for sure. You can also call USCIS as right now they are processing cases which they have received in late July and mid August.

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  • STAmisha
    11-16 08:13 AM
    I'm in the same boat. My original RIR is denied because of screw up by the company and lawyer (they admit it). They are exploring the option of converting from TR to RIR.

    Please let me knw if you know anything


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  • RNGC
    02-11 01:36 PM

    I strongly suggest that IV introduce $20 monthly recurring contribution, I will defenitely sign up and most people will do it, I think.

    Also, How about have a link in the homepage for Imigration attorneys. We can list their contact if they agree for $100 monthly recurring contribution. We have about 30 k members, so it is a good deal for them.

    We can allow member testimonials for the attorneys which will be very helpful...

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  • jnraajan
    04-11 02:36 PM
    My wife's H4 visa got expired in jan 2008 and I renewed her I-94 and I-94 got extended till 2010.
    Next week she is travelling back to India throgh Lufthansa airlines from portland to Frankfurt to Chennai. Some people are telling that getting transit visa in Frankfurt airport is difficult if visa stamping got expired eventhough you have valid I94. Is it correct?

    I have two questions here.
    1 Is really transit visa required, as just she needs to catch another flight in other terminal in the same airport?
    2. If transit visa required will it be problem if her visa stamping got expired ( But she has vaild I797 and I-94 documents ).

    Please help me by answeringthese questions.

    Brahma Reddy

    There are so many threads on this forum regarding Transit Visas. Please search for those thread for answers. I have listed a couple of thread regarding this.


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  • srinivas_o
    08-25 09:46 AM

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  • STAmisha
    11-16 08:13 AM
    I'm in the same boat. My original RIR is denied because of screw up by the company and lawyer (they admit it). They are exploring the option of converting from TR to RIR.

    Please let me knw if you know anything


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  • izolo
    06-04 10:29 AM
    thank you very much for your help. It makes me feel much better now.just the employer has told me that the business is low these days, will their incom and cotracts will review again? it is a very small size company.
    Thanks again

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  • piyu7444
    09-15 11:56 AM

    My wife got her H1B approved last year and her start date was 10/01/07. She started working towards the end of Nov. She did not get any paychecks for 2007 before Dec 31st and started getting paid only in 2008. So she did not receive a W2 for 2007. I am about to file my tax for 2007 (had filed an extension) and would like to know the following.

    1: I assume this should not impact me from filing a joint return. Am I right ?

    2: Would I qualify for the stimulus check for $1200 since both of us were employed in 2007 ? Since she did not get a W2, I was not sure if I would get only $600.

    3: Both of us have filed for I-485 and our applications are pending approval. Would there be any problem with her I-485 in the future (like any query) since in 2007, her status was converted to H1B (from H4) and she did not get a W2 ? I am being told USCIS does a complete background check on the applicant with respect to each status he/she has had.

    Thanks in advance.

    For point # 3 you can always tell USCIS that she joined the company in Nov 2007. It is not required to join the co. on Oct 1 although one gets converted to h1b from h4 when you change status in US. There is something like late joining also hence no pay !

    Obviously the employer should have paid her but if she is working thru a desi firm I would understand what would be the case......

    I do not think this will impact your 485 as long as you have pay chqs. coming for her in continuation thereafter and w-2 for 2008 meets the Amount on h1b LCA. USCIS will generally look for w-2 and might ask for recent pay stubs.

    I have been interviewed for 485 (random pick) and they did not care to look at my pay stub even when I asked them to.........

    Ensure that w-2 has the correct numbers else it can be trouble.

    Consult a lawyer as all the above is my experience and limited knowledge.......

    Hope it helps!!


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  • gunabcd
    07-02 09:52 AM
    I see people not supporting the CIR which was suppose to be a pro Immigration bill, no matter which part of the society it was supporting. My question is Are you guys out here a Pro or an anti immigration forum?
    Or are you guys out here are to fulfill their selfish dreams, stand on others to reach the top.
    Can anyone answer me? I really doubt the people out here.

    If you knew the difference between Legal and Illegal immigration, and had you read the CIR bill and all amendments then you would not ask this question. Please do some homework before asking such questions.

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  • GC_Govinda
    10-15 09:56 AM
    Hello Gurus,
    I am EB3 India with PD September 2002.

    After all these years of endless waiting I am called for
    an interview at the local office in Philadelphia
    in Nov 26th 2007.

    Here are my details:
    Labour Applied: September 2002
    Labour approved: September 2003
    I-140/I-485 Applied: April 2004
    I-140 Pproved: August 2004
    Got married: August 2005
    Applied I-485 for Wife: June 2007
    Current Status of Wife: H1-B
    Countelss EADs and APs for me and a recent EAD approval
    for my wife with her AP still pending and status is still H1-B.

    In the beginning of this year, I resigned from the
    company who was the original sponsorer of my GC.
    I then started contracting on hourly basis and worked for
    a decent hourly rate for the first half of this year.
    Finally I got a full time offer with decent salary and
    benefits and took the job. I started working for this
    job - remotely and also took up another contracting job
    on an hourly basis (Got greedy as I waited too long :-))
    and started working on both these jobs.
    The point is - it is a different technology and not even
    remotely connected to my original job where my Labour
    cert was applied and approved. I was a developer
    back then and with all the experience, I couldn't
    continue as the pay was too low and no growth at all.

    I can have a letter of future employment that
    states that I have on offer in the same technology
    in which my original labour was applied and approved
    and that is not a problem at all.

    Please advise me on how to go about it. I can
    afford to pay and take the best attorney with me
    to the interview - some one who is very well known in
    the Philadelphia area.

    Any inputs/advise are really appreciated.

    IMP: Icing on the cake - my PD was mentioned wrong in
    the interview notice - it says april 2004 !!
    That was when my i-140 was applied and not labour.
    My labour was applied in September 2002 !!!
    Advise on this is also appreciated.

    Thanks a lot.


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  • meridiani.planum
    12-14 12:33 PM
    - Per my LCA; combination of education and experience is not acceptable. Does that mean my evaluation is of no use? And is this LCA good for me?

    Its going to be very hard trying to evaluate a 3 year degree to a 4 year BSCS. You can atleast talk with the person recommended by CPUwiz and see what she thinks...

    - If evaluation is using 6yrs of experience to make up for 2yrs of education; CAN I, still (also) show the same 6yrs of experience as job experience?

    I doubt if this double dipping is going to work...

    - I have another approved RIR (Approved Aug07). In worst case, can I use that RIR to file for new 140 to save my 485? Is there any time limit on RIR case too? Like using it under number of weeks/months?[/COLOR]

    LCs expire 180 days after their approval, so you have until Feb next year with this LC. However from what I know you need an approved I-140 to interfile with an existing 485 case. dont know if you can interfile an I-140 which is still pending. talk to a good immigration attorney.

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  • bitzbytz
    07-13 02:27 PM
    nice try jayant

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  • ireddy
    07-18 10:31 AM
    Most of my friends (self filing) sent in their applications to reach service center by July 2, haven't received the applications back. According to the USCIS memo yesterday, the last paragraph clearly indicates that the filings received earlier will be accepted and processed... Please see portion of that note below

    "USCIS�s announcement today allows anyone who was eligible to apply under Visa Bulletin No. 107 a full month�s time to do so. Applications already properly filed with USCIS will also be accepted."

    09-09 07:59 AM
    IV is working on to give a chance to IndiaBULL to apply for I-485 even his/her PD is not current.

    can some one tell me what IV is currently working on?

    11-05 01:07 PM
    Tri State Also participates in operation 100, come on Tri State folks lets do it together with Texas

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