Sunday, June 5, 2011

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  • notjustjay
    Apr 7, 03:33 PM
    I am all against this nostalgia gaming. U have so many great games available on the ipad or iphone that utilise their potencial, why would u wanr to play games that have 12 pixels running around? I think it has more to do with people remembering the "good old times" when they havent had all that depression, fear and insecurity going on.

    There's nothing wrong with people remembering the "good old times". I don't know where everybody else was when these games were out, but I was a carefree little boy who played with his cousins in his grandfather's house when I first came upon the 2600.

    Grandpa passed away a long time ago and his house (which I really thought was a mansion when I was little) has been torn down and in its place stands a condominium complex. But every time I fire up Combat, there I am sitting in a wicker chair in the guest room, on a hot summer day, playing against my cousin. My little brother is watching and saying "Me next! Me next!" and my grandma's about to walk in with lemonade and cookies.

    Ain't nothing wrong with that.

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  • kronos2611
    Mar 21, 10:36 AM
    does anyone know if edmug came into being?

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  • pgasnier
    Jul 2, 08:17 PM
    Trying to jailbreak my 3GS for hours and no sucess .
    it has the new ios 4 software , tried with pnwage tool 4.0 ,
    got a message sayig that firmware is not compatible .
    tried with redsnow , didnt work
    any suggestions ?

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  • 7o7munoz7o7
    Apr 25, 12:18 AM
    what's the difference between the black iph4 and the white?

    i think one is white and one black


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  • Lord Blackadder
    Jan 17, 09:25 PM
    It's worth noting that SUV and truck sales are growing again as the economy slowly recovers. All the hype about green vehicles that came out at the height of the recession might evaporate if people have money to burn again. Americans won't stop buying V6 and V8 SUVs until fuel prices permanently cross the $4/gal threshold.

    All the talk about diesels and hybrids may yet be premature in the US.

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  • DakotaGuy
    Jan 10, 06:36 PM
    This has to be the worst MacWorld in my recollection. I was super excited to see a Leopard demo, and to order iLife '07 and iWork '07. Especially iWork, which I use all the time.

    The name change scares me. The iPhone is useless to me since it is super expensive, and Cingular won't touch South Dakota with a 200 mile pole.

    And the Apple tv? Please. If it had DVR capability, I'd be on board. But, everything has to go through iTunes.

    My only highlight of the day wasn't even in the keynote, and that's the new AirPort Extreme Base Station. I'll probably get one of those sometime this Spring when I get married. Oh well.

    This was a sad day that I got way too excited for. I fear the Mac is getting replaced by Steve's stupid little toy called iPhone.

    I agree with you. As a person that lives just a few miles north of you (20 or so) the fact that the iPhone is Cingular makes it worthless for me as well. In fact, anything but Verizon or Alltel is worthless in most midwestern and western rural areas. I guess however you have to cater to where the most customers are so I can't fault Apple for that. I am just glad that companies like Verizon and Alltel haven't forgotten about us in the rural areas like other companies have.

    For me the Keynote was pretty boring. The Apple TV is cool enough, but hardly a "must have" item. I would have loved to see some iPod updates (without the phone) or some software updates. Oh well, maybe later this spring we will see something along these lines.


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  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Dec 19, 04:51 AM
    That's definitively a movie I would have seen... :D

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  • neut
    Feb 14, 04:05 PM
    congrats to you all!

    Hey Thanks! :D

    oh wait ... you probably meant the new mods i guess. :o :p



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  • Dr. Dastardly
    Sep 24, 06:50 PM
    At this point I would tell him to just be safe and promise to use a condom.

    You may not be happy with it but in the end he is going to go through with it anyway. Just telling him to be safe is the best you can do at this point.

    If she was sleeping at your place I would to what my parents told us when I was living there. They said you can sleep together but please try not to have sex. Even though they both knew we were sexually active. We still did every once in a while but seldom and kept it very low key as to "not get caught".

    Later when I was older I asked them about it and told them we did (this is years later and my parents are really cool). They told me the figured we would anyway. They just said it so that we wouldn't make it obvious. I believe their words contained the phrase "ignorance is bliss".

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  • iLikeMyiMac
    Aug 14, 07:57 PM
    Cool what did you use to make it?


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  • withnail
    Nov 1, 10:39 PM
    You should only use that option to convert AIFF CD Audio files NOT mp3 files. Your quality will go in the toilet if you try to convert mp3 directly to AAC at any bit rate. Plus it does take a long time to make that crappy conversion.

    True - I imagine that it would indeed. I already turned the option off because it didn't seem like it would be too helpful...

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  • arn
    Dec 15, 01:49 PM
    I'll see what I can do



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  • scotty96LSC
    Feb 8, 07:30 PM
    Love this wallpaper. The link however seams to be for a diffrent version.

    Do you have this version?

    That is where I got this. You could also use tiny eye to find other versions if you need to.

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  • princealfie
    Nov 30, 10:28 AM
    My point exactly - something like Napster probably had more than a little to do with this fact...

    Not really, Tower Records wasn't working because they didn't move online with their catalogue quickly enough. The commercial real estate is getting way overpriced.

    Else why is Virgin Megastore and HMV still around?


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  • LiloThePleo
    Feb 2, 10:40 PM
    I made this entirely on my ipad :) This is for fellow robotic dinosaur (Pleo) lovers :P I have about thirty Pleo desktop backgrounds on rotation.

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  • Gasu E.
    Apr 7, 09:17 PM
    Yes, we all have doubts. I, for one, think it is a scam. Verizon et al will charge you to get your "own" data once you exceed your "cap". And one well placed terrorist act will erase any data center anywhere. Back up and hold your data. Do not rely on the cloud.

    One fire will wipe out your house, your computer, your backup drive and your backup DVDs.

    If a a data center is well run, they will be replicating everything offsite, possibly even in more than one location.


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  • hayesk
    May 2, 02:22 PM
    How do you open localized strings?

    Using qlmanage -p or vim, you can see the contents, but they look compiled.

    But anyway to view the files properly?

    They are binary plists. Anything that can open a binary plist can read the file, as is shown in the screen shot, OmniOutliner.

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  • wywern209
    Aug 1, 12:32 AM
    omg regl3! use timg tags!!!

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  • dsn112
    Jun 23, 06:55 PM
    No. They will be selling them starting at 8am.

    Yup this is correct

    Can't sell them till there activation dept opens at 8

    Dec 10, 02:56 PM
    Come on dude, get in the holiday spirit and share :D pretty please :D

    merry christmas :p

    Apr 28, 06:16 AM

    You are/were 1 to 2 years late with putting out this Verizon iPhone.

    Android has gained adoption...

    Don't worry, you will be fine in the long run - a Verizon LTE iPhone 6 will get your sales kicked in within the Verizon market. I know I will be going back to an iPhone when it happens. :cool:

    Jan 9, 04:09 PM
    I was dissapointed, very dissapointed that there was no word on a new version of iWork, iLife and Leopard.
    While the iPhone looks really nice, I could really care-less about one of them. The iTV...err, Apple TV doesn't catch my attention much either.
    Overall 4/10 for the products released (I was expecting more), 8/10 for innovation.

    Apr 14, 01:52 AM
    I don't care for Kobe but when your body is producing adrenaline and endorphins your behavior changes. Very common in basketball and football
    to hear every possible slur imaginable.

    May 1, 08:37 PM
    Today i was doing some changes in iTunes and suddenly the column or section on the right side where all my albums appear was completly gone. The library column still there and the middle one with all the artist is still there too but i want my right column back. Any ideas how to reset without affecting all my personal selections of songs?

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