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  • rabbitboy33
    03-08 07:11 AM
    Can the lawyer ask for the missing form; and will it have to be done by the USCIS at the I-140 stage? I was under the impression that only the USCIS can do this?

    Thanks. I appreciate all your responses. They have been very useful.

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  • Lou76
    08-03 01:00 PM
    Almost 2 years ago I visited an attorney to talk about my I-130. I wasn't very inform at the time and I think the attorney took advantage of me. My mother had recently become a US citizen in 2007 when i visit this attorney. In 2005 my mother filed an I-130 for me so when she became a US citizen I thought I should visit an attorney to "upgrade my petition" since my mother was not longer a permanent resident but a US citizen.

    The attorney filed a Form G-28 - Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative which claimed was the petition upgrade. Recently, this past Friday I received noticed that my I-130 has been approved.

    Today, I try to contact someone in the attorney's office but all I get is the voice mail. To be honest I have no trust in this attorney but I already paid $850 for this attorney's service which in verbal agreement said to my mother would receive a discount for the next steps in my case. But this attorney has done nothing for me just file a G-28 so a noticed would be delivered to their office.

    I would like to know if I decide to find another attorney is there a way I can receive my $850 back some how through the new attorney or with certain process?


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  • kondur_007
    08-28 03:38 PM
    Mine is basically a hopeless case.
    EB3 India with PD Feb 2007.

    My EAD, AP and II140 are all approved because of the July Fiasco and its been more than 180 days since they all got approved.

    I have my EAD and AP in hand, but I140 is with employer. I neither have a copy of it, nor the receipt number/tracking for it . All I know is that it is approved. My employer will not give it to me as it is not required by law. I am still working on H1 (haven't used EAD yet)

    Recently the client I am working with asked if I would be interested in a full time with them and said I can use my EAD. Is it possible for me to take up this offer without having any details about my I140 except knowing that it is approved.?

    PS: I trust my employer. If they said my I140 is approved, then it is.

    Safest thing to do: get a copy of I 140 approval and also copy of labor certification from USCIS via Freedom of Information act request (FOIA).

    This way, you case will be clean (you need to use AC 21 and new job needs to be same or similar to the one for which you have GC filed; this requires a good attorney's help along with job titile and job description in original labor).

    Good Luck.

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  • gc28262
    03-09 06:14 PM

    My lawyer received Ability to Pay rfe on my I-140. My lawyer is ready with most of the documents

    Duration to be covered

    My docs ready for the duration:
    W2s ( 2004 - 2008)
    Tax returns ( 2004 - 2007)
    Paystubs ( recent )

    Company docs ready:
    Tax returns: 2004 - 2007

    However for year 2008, company has requested IRS an extension to file tax return.Company is trying to come up with audited financial statement for year 2008. They are still working on it.

    However deadline for filing RFE response is this Wednesday ( 03/11/2009)

    My questions:

    1. Can my lawyer ask for an extension for filing RFE response in this scenario ?
    2. Are there any alternatives if my company cannot come up with audited financial statements in this time frame ?

    I appreciate your inputs.


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  • velan
    04-30 10:35 AM
    Good find.

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  • sumansk
    11-29 11:26 AM
    Hello experts,
    Here is a situation of my friend .
    1.He lost his and his wife's passport alongwith the receipt notices and FP notice.The current visa which has expired and I-94 is also lost.
    2.The lost passport includes the old passport with old visa in it.

    Can you please throw some light as to what are his options.

    Thanks & Regards


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  • ronhira
    09-14 08:23 AM
    and who are you? some agent of a tracker website who just wants to create an unrest here by dividing between eb3 and eb3? Or r u a twin brother of tunnel rat? next time, try a with an authentic post, otherwise your effort is wasted....

    btw, u have to have a service from vonage if you want to refer someone

    Hello all,

    Is there any california chapter esp in Nor Cal.
    We have to unite EB3 Guys and strike hard!!!
    I have heard that next bulletin might bring breaking news for EB3I community but still we cannot keep relying on VBs.
    It is like going to Jyotish for knowing future.

    EB2 Guys, you should also help us even though if you are getting GCs faster...

    Please provide me information on California chapter. I have just joined IV.
    I believe it is high time to fight back.

    (btw if anybody wants to have vonage $24.99, please let me know. I can refer you)

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  • gmail
    07-24 04:19 PM

    If 4 months after 485 filed, I leave my job. Can I use EAD to work for another company? My wife also has 485 filed, so I can use her to renew my EAD if I need to.


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  • cagedcactus
    12-19 02:10 PM
    Thank you for contacting me about the issue of immigration. I appreciate you sharing your views with me.

    As you know, the United States Senate passed legislation earlier this year in response to the serious problems with our nation's immigration system. Debate on the comprehensive legislation dealt with a broad range of issues including our national security, border enforcement, guest worker programs, and the issue of immigrant workers in agriculture, seasonal jobs, and high-skilled positions. Our immigration system is broken, and I am well aware of the urgent need for reform and the impact on those trying to navigate this complicated bureaucracy. This legislation is now before the House of Representatives.

    We need an effective immigration system that works for businesses and communities and that protects the basic rights of immigrants who are such an important part of our state economy and quality of life. In the end, I did not support this legislation because it failed to strike the proper balance between security, fairness and preserving Michigan jobs.

    Thank you for contacting my office. I will keep your strong views in mind if the Senate considers this issue again. Please continue to keep me informed about issues that are important to you and your family.


    Debbie Stabenow

    United States Senator

    Above is what I received today in my mail.
    I dont know what to do now. It seems that all our efforts are worthless. It seems that regardsless of what we do, the Senators have made up their minds about this bills. I think that anti immigration forces are way too stronger for us to tackle.......
    I personally dont see any relief........

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  • s416504
    02-18 08:29 AM
    DELTA say Goodbye To Mileage Expiration

    Effective January 1, 2011, Delta has eliminated mileage expiration policy so you can earn and redeem miles without worrying if and when your miles will expire.

    What's Ahead with SkyMiles (

    Can you please specify process to donate miles. I have 21,000 miles with Delta that will expire soon and I don't intend to use it.


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  • Maqrkk
    06-22 07:39 AM
    You have my vote, awesome picture!

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  • hpandey
    03-13 10:49 AM
    Even if your extension gets denied then your current H1 is still valid till Sep 2009 and you can work till then ..


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  • mbawa2574
    08-21 06:22 PM

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  • BMS1
    09-07 09:18 PM
    What I meant to tell you was that though my packet was addressed to Saint Albans, fedex tracking showed that it was rerouted and picked up at the nearby town address (probably Williston)


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  • jackhardy
    02-03 10:37 AM
    After seeing the State of The Union Speech I wrote to the President about green card processing delays and immigration reform.

    I would recommend you all do the same.
    Hoping he reads at-least one of our letters and show some mercy + change!

    The address to mail is:
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500


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  • chintu25
    08-16 02:37 PM
    I was in MI for a long time, so have called them up and have urged them to join IV.

    Hopefully they will make the right choice and do the right thing.

    Akhil Thanks for your efforts ...If possible please give me their emails so I may contact them or u can ask them to join michigan chapter by following the link in my signature


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  • leoindiano
    08-08 03:20 PM
    Great, gather here...

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  • jliechty
    June 12th, 2006, 05:48 PM
    I wish that the closest strawberries, which happen to be the brightest ones that draw attention, could be in better focus. Using a smaller aperture would bring more of the berries into focus. Otherwise, I really like the photo. Good job! :cool:

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  • rayoflight
    02-06 09:39 PM
    Wait there is one more thing he needs to check if it single entry or multiple entry.

    Entries: S (Single) or M (Multiple)

    Since its a 10 Yr Visa it would be a M entry but no harm in double checking it right.

    11-30 10:03 AM
    Hi All,

    My application reached california service center on nov14 th for H1B extension. I am still waiting for the receipt notices. How long long does it take. Anyone in a similar boat.

    Thanks for the response.

    07-28 02:27 PM
    Just to let everyone know if any of you encounter the same issue -

    called up USCIS Customer Service and spoke to them about this error. They said to mention this in the Cover Letter (When I send the supporting docs) as a mistake that happened while filing the EAD and what the correct answer should be. They said it'll be then taken care of.

    Am going to do accordingly!

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