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  • raysaikat
    04-23 03:02 AM
    I went for my AOS interview, everything seemed ok, officer said everything looks ok and he doesnt see any reason why i should not be approved, he however said that he needs to get the FBI clearance background check and that i should get my conditional PR card in the mail, he then stamped on my entrance visa " Cancelled without Prejudice" stamp, I am worried, what does this mean? The word cancel and everything ok does not seem right. Can someone help me please?

    This means that the VISA cancellation has been done as a matter of procedure, not because of any wrongdoing.

    Another common case is when one goes to the consulate for a VISA stamping, then the consulate officer stamps the existing unexpired VISA stamps as "Cancelled without prejudice".

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  • gc_user
    11-28 08:29 AM
    Any updates please????

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  • amitjoey
    01-14 11:08 AM
    If they do approve your I485, you still have 180 days to file your dependants. It is called "Follow to join". Do a google search on "Follow to join greencard for spouse".

    Please consult your lawyer

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  • perm2gc
    06-28 09:54 AM
    Unless the first company cancels their H1B
    they don't need to cancel the H1.As he might have been already working for company A might have stopped running payrol for he is already out of status.


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  • sanjose16
    02-23 03:27 PM
    Currently my wife is on H4

    I'm planning to file H1 for my wife (through another employer on April 1st, 2009). Regardless of the situation (H1B Cap lottery process or general process) if my wife's H1B petition is accepted, processed and approved (generally betwen April 15th 2009 and May 31st 2009), she will get work permit (with start date of Oct 1st, 2009) by May or mid June, 2009.

    My company is also planning to file for my H1 Extension (along with H4 Extension) in April (cannot be filed it seems due to other cases) So, in this scenario if my H1 extension (along with my wife's H4 extension) is filed after April 1st 2009, then we will have an overlap situation (as USCIS will be receiving two petitions (one for H1 and one for H4) for my wife) in the same timeframe. How will USCIS deal with these scenarios?

    As long as her H4 is approved before her H1 (if she gets through lottery and approval process), there won't be a problem (as H1 will be replacing her H4 to my understanding).

    But if her H4 is approved after her H1B approval, then there is a risk that her H1B will be cancelled because of H4 approval.

    Please let me know solution to this problem. Thanks in Advance

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  • gc_user
    11-27 09:29 PM
    My husband has a unique experience with his I 485.My husband's employer filed I 131 ,I 485 for my husband and I 131,I 485 and I 765 for me on august 16.I recieved my receipts on october 16 and got my EAD approved on November 16. My husband didn't receive even receipt notices.

    When he called UCSIS and checked on his status with level 2 officer, they told that they did not have any info on I485 but voided his I 131 application. He is planning on reapplying for I485.

    Is there any downside of reapplying it as our priority date is september 2003(EB2).


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  • ramus
    07-05 01:01 PM
    Please guys.. Before creating new thread, please send 15 mins to find out if there is any thread you can use.. This is creating big confusion and members don't know which one they supposed to follow.

    I am just asking to spend 15 mins and see if you find whatever you looking for.

    No hard feeling please..


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  • niklshah
    09-07 12:12 PM
    see you at dc...


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  • swadeshi
    07-27 12:25 AM
    Can you please post the link for the original thread?


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  • nrk
    06-03 10:30 AM
    Based on the numbers EB2 India should be in the range of Oct 2005 to Dec 2005 by September 2010


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  • aries22
    07-18 09:06 AM
    I have H1 from a consulting company.Now the client I work for has asked me if I'd like to join their company.The problem is they won't sponsor H1's.I'm willing to talk to an attorney and pay expenses for transfer.Can someone tell me if it's possible.If yes then what are the supporting documents we need from the client to transfer?

    Thanks for any replies..

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  • sw33t
    07-31 10:26 PM
    24 and counting.

    Please join -


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  • Chandra_Chndra
    05-04 02:40 PM
    thanks for the reply...

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  • willigetagc
    08-27 12:08 AM
    Hi All ,

    I am currently on L1B visa valid till Mar 09.

    I can apply for renewal for the same in Sep 09 and wanted to check if there would be any issues as if i travel to india and return on the old petition in oct-nov 08 (in case the renewal is still pending).

    Will my return on the old petition cancel my L1 renewal petetion ?

    I am trying to get the L1 renewed as soon as possible so that i can file for EAD renewal for my spouse.

    Any views would be greatly appreciated.


    Not advisable to apply for L1 extension now. You should do it after you are back from India. That is because, they will also extend your I-94 when you apply for extension (i.e the L1 extension approval notice will list your current I-94 number).

    You would'nt want to end up in a state where you leave the country and return your current I-94 at the airport and CIS approves an extension on that I-94 (which you no longer have).

    When you return, you will have a different I-94 that will be valid till Mar 09 and you have to file for extension again with that I-94. Alternately, you may go out of the country to get a new visa stamp before Mar 09 and re-enter with that visa stamp and get a new I-94...

    convoluted, isnt it? Better to make that trip, come back, get a new I-94 and use that to extend your status.


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  • sprash
    06-01 06:41 PM
    I'm curious if anyone has got multiple RFEs on their I-485 application. I had an EVL RFE last year and wonder about the chances they'll give that (or any other) RFEs again in future.

    Any personal experiences?

    By multiple RFE I don't mean many questions in 1 RFE letter. I mean USCIS sends you 1 RFE, receives reply and resumes the case and then at a later point in time sends another RFE on the same application.

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  • roseball
    03-12 06:33 PM
    Her employer is filing her H1 COS petition in premium processing, so I am hopeful it will be adjudicated within 15 days.

    One more thing you can do is that file your wife's H4 to H1 in regular processing and any subsequent H1/H4 transfer you would do can be filed in premium and get them approved. I am sure if H4 to H1 COS is filed in regular processing, it will surely take a minimum of 4 to 5 months to be processed.


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  • gc_kaavaali
    07-01 01:04 PM
    I think your parents can provide affidavit with your date of birth (incase you cannot get Birth Certificate). And also you need to get another document from municipal saying 'No record found' something. I am not sure. Try to search in this forum. Members discussed sever times on this topic.

    I have a question, on 25 june i got a RFE, i have not received it yet neither did my lawyer. The case status shows that both me and my wife got the RFE. I think its most probaly to produce the Birth Certificate.

    My wife BC is in the process and i think i will be able to get it by the end of the week.



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  • Refugee_New
    08-27 11:43 AM
    Does anyone know if people who've filed for I-485 can claim unemployment insurance?......The client where I was working cancelled my project due to budget cuts :(....I was wondering if I can claim unemployment till I find a new job. Does any one know any non-desi companies hiring in the Michigan, Ohio, Illinois or Midwest in general?.....I am PMI certified Project Manager with J2EE background. Any prompt help would be highly appreciated.

    Michigan state DIT is hiring J2EE candidates. Recently few people joined the state. Try with the state.

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  • abhi_jais
    01-09 02:31 PM
    Dear All,

    I saw your website & thought may be you guys can help me solving my query about H1 transfer. I am holding a H1B valid till 2009. A month back a new company had filed a H1 transfer & I started working for them. Now I have 2 paystubs from this new company & I am getting a very good offer from another company & I would like to go for this offer. So my question is on the basis of these two recent paystubs can I get my visa transferred to the 3rd company while another visa transfer is in progress?

    06-20 11:25 AM
    Those who are trying to become a member of any state chapters, please post your requests here. Someone will get in touch with you.

    10-25 06:11 PM
    Do not worry. This sometimes happens, that when a change of status is requested and approved the SSA is unable to see the change in their system. If your H4 to H1 was approved you should receive your Social Security card within a month. I have seen this many times.

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