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Selena Gomez Round And Round Photoshoot

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  • diptam
    08-26 01:05 PM
    Hope you can recognize me :)

    Did you write to the Ombudsman in form 7001 about 140 delay ( other thread ). I sent it yesterday. When did you file 140 at NSC ?


    this is a standard reply when we enquire about a case.
    I had enquired about 140 and got the same message. Then took an infopass and there the IO told there is nothing at 140 level and what I got is a standard reply .

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  • thakkarbhav
    02-07 12:24 PM
    First complete your profile so person who is viewing your case understands you better.

    You have enough time. Find new job and then new employer can process your Eb2 GC. I-140 can be done in 15 days with premium processing.

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  • pappu
    02-13 10:48 AM
    Useful read:

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  • jignesh5
    07-15 11:39 AM
    I am going to close this thread..
    Please see this ..

    ramus is already working on it. Hopefully he will have more details soon..


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  • garybanz
    08-30 10:10 AM
    My date will be current from September 1st. Is it okay to travel to India on a short trip while the date is current? If 485 gets approved while I am india, can I still come back on advance parole?

    One of my friends did this his green card was approved while he was away, he did not face any issues in returning or converting to GC later.

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  • points are around it.

  • dealguy007
    05-19 08:59 AM

    first labor approved in may 2006 under EB3
    140 was approved in 2007

    Since I already had masters before I joined the company
    EB2 labor applied and received approval in Jan 2011

    My attorney applied for 140 porting but received priority date as Jan 2011 instead of may 2006. My attorney says immigrations has made a mistake, attorney contacted them and received a reference number basically asking attorney to call back on Jun 1st. I'm concerned on what went wrong and what could be the worst case scenario. How much time are talking about here.

    Any information will be greatly appreciated.


    It will alright, wait for few more weeks till attorney fixes the issue.


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  • starving_dog
    09-16 08:03 AM
    We pay inflated auto insurance rates therefore boosting the economy.
    We pay inflated property tax due to our inability to apply for homestead exemptions therefore boosting the local economy.
    We cannot carry concealed firearms therefore boosting the local crackhead economy.

    Okay, on a more relevant note to your request...

    I can't substantiate the numbers, but I am sure that we contribute more volunteer hours per capita due to our spouses not being able to work.

    Lower crime rate per capita due to fear of deportation.

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    12-11 11:22 PM
    Thanks Nashorn.
    My Biometrics are done couple of months ago and I saw LUD's at that time,I am not sure if my name check is do I find out if my name check is cleared ??


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  • vnsriv
    08-27 02:52 PM

    I saw three LUDs on 485 applications after FP. Last as latest as August 23rd. No recent LUD on EAD or AP yet.

    What should I expect?

    Patience my dear friend. I haven't seen any second LUD on I-485 since FP date.

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  • harryom
    03-24 02:05 PM
    I just got me H1B approval Notice and copy of I0129 petition. There is nothing wrong with approval bu I notice few things and have few concern questions to the group if some one had similar experience in the past:
    1. Passport number was not correctly typed in form I-129 (however copies passport were sent along with the forms by immigration dept)
    2. My Alien number does not show up in 797A approval notice as I have pending 485.
    3. The I-94# on passport card does not match with the one on new approval notice.

    Now My questions is :

    Do I need to get this passport#(1) typo fixed now or its ok?

    Is it ok not have A# updated in H1B Approval Notice? My wife's H4 have her A#.
    Do I need to get my I-94# matched with the one I had in my previous notice and A/D card stapled in passport?

    All this happened due to mistakes commited by our Immigration/attorney.Now she is not ready to listen and asks me to call customer service as she thinks its not her problem.

    Any suggestions/experience are apreciated.


    PD Sept 2004
    I-485 pending
    I-140 pending
    EAD pending
    AP approved


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  • needhelp!
    10-16 01:07 PM
    from the front seat

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  • seanl
    08-14 11:55 PM
    I filed my I-102 to receive an I-94, ill update this when I hear back from them.

    When I receive the receipt, could I use that for the RFE? I don't think i'll have my I-94 to give to them in the 80 days I have left?

    Thanks, bump.


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  • Selena Gomez-Round and

  • rajeevkaza
    04-09 12:40 PM
    If your 140 is approved and you are applying for extension you will get 3yrs extension for your H1B if not you get only 1yr extension. So wait for one more month from now to see if you get ur 140 cleared. Pls provide more details when n where did u apply ur 140 for us to give u better suggestion, but yes you can apply H1B extension based on ur pending 140 petetion.

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  • masti_Gai
    09-13 08:47 AM
    so he is worried:confused:
    itz been nearly 4 months ma 140 is still pending at Nebraska:eek:


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  • rsymonds
    08-04 06:36 PM

    Here is my current Status :

    I485 : Filed in July 2007
    PD : April 2006
    EAD : Valid till 27th August 2010 (filed for renewal last week)
    AP : Valid till Jan 22nd 2011
    H1B : Valid till Jan 22nd 2011

    My employer is still the same who filed for my GC (and helping me keep my H1 current) Last couple of time when I went to India I have used AP to re-enter the US. My wife used her EAD to get a job locally - but now she has quite and she is in India. . I am currently in process of getting my H1 stamped on my passport, get H4 for my wife and son (who was born on July 30 2010 in India)

    MY QUESTION IS : What should we use to re-enter the US ? AP or H1/H4 ?
    Will my H1 and EAD still be valid ? or will I lose one of them ?

    Please let me know. I do not want to take a wrong step since I am so close to getting my GC.


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  • techskill
    07-10 10:18 AM
    I filed my AP on April 29th,2008. I had one LUD on July 8th , the status was case pending and another one today,today status changed to


    Current Status: Document mailed to applicant.

    On July 10, 2008 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service.

    Any idea what does this mean? Is it approved or something else.


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  • selena gomez 2011 photoshoot.

  • la_guy
    06-27 08:06 PM

    girlfriend them selena gomez round Selena Gomez Round And Round Photoshoot. 2011 makeup selena gomez
  • 2011 makeup selena gomez

  • yagw
    06-13 12:45 AM

    My I140 is approved and I485 is pending. I am working Full Time as a Software Devloper on EAD with a Consulting Company. I have been offered a part time work of same nature by my friend. He has a company and he offers to pay me on 1099.

    Would it be ok to work part time(15 Hrs. per week) and accept payment on 1099.

    Please advise.


    In EAD, you can have as many jobs as you can (using 1099 etc).

    DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney and this is not a legal advice.

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  • selena gomez-round and round

  • cchaitu
    03-18 12:10 PM
    I also had two LUD's after I submitted the AR-11 form. It took two days more after I submitted the AR-11 form


    I also got LUD once I have submitted AR 11 but I only has LUD on my I765, I131 not on I485, But I did received confirmation from USCIS that my address got changed for pending App (i.e. 485)..Should I be worried...since I didnt get any LUD on 485....Please help

    06-07 02:10 PM - News : Why Bill Gates cares about immigration (

    Why Bill Gates cares about immigration
    Foreign workers have a stake in fight to change laws.

    Activists on both sides of the immigration debate tend to focus on the millions of illegal immigrants whose fate rests on whether Congress passed a law.

    But foreigners here legally also have a stake in this fight.

    The U.S. issues temporary worker visas, called H-1B after their official classification, to thousands of non-residents each year. Often, they hold college degrees and have technical skills.

    Microsoft and other technology companies hire many workers this way. They often have to prove they can't hire skilled U.S. citizens to fill those jobs first.

    Bill Gates wrote in the Washington Post several years back that there is an employment gap that H-1B visas help fill:

    This issue has reached a crisis point. Computer science employment is growing by nearly 100,000 jobs annually. But at the same time studies show that there is a dramatic decline in the number of students graduating with computer science degrees.

    The United States provides 65,000 temporary H-1B visas each year to make up this shortfall -- not nearly enough to fill open technical positions.

    H-1B workers, who have united under grassroots groups like Immigration Voice , want more than just an increase in visas. They want the government to streamline the rules.

    Currently, the workers have to apply for green cards through their employers, often a lengthy and cumbersome process. They can't switch jobs easily and sometimes have to reapply for a visa even if they move jobs within the same company. They have to leave the country every few years before they can reapply for a visa.

    The workers can also apply for a spouse to come to the U.S., but their partners are not allowed to work under the H-4 status granted to them. The activists argue that those individuals represent a skilled base of workers who could contribute to the U.S. economy and help pay for household expenses.

    Powerful corporations back the H-1 B workers in their demands, since it would make it easier for them to hire skilled workers. But groups like Numbers USA argue that those companies shouldn't hire non-residents at a time when many Americans are jobless.

    -- Ambreen Ali,

    03-20 12:04 AM
    Well a company can be sued for any reason. I do not control the day to day activity apart from IT stuff.

    My question specifically, if the company is sued, since I am a minority owner will I have to do rounds in the court appear before a judge etc..will I be summoned! Or only the executives majority shareholders are summoned.

    (No I am not talking about a body shop and this is a small financial firm)

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