Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • nomi
    04-19 11:08 AM
    I will request to sysadmin or IV to start some Poll covering all dates according to Visa Bulletin for EB2 and EB3 for world, India and china. This poll will help everyone to see how many people are in waiting in lines and what can be expected upcoming months ....this poll will not be pin point but will give info little close to reality... Just a thought.

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  • mirchiseth
    06-03 08:47 PM
    My last EAD and AP were filed at TSC and that is what is specified in e-file application. Now I am getting worried :confused:

    Update 1: During the EAD efiling process I made a mistake which might have caused this anomaly. More on this thread (

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  • gchopes
    03-08 04:14 PM
    Do you get a separate H4 approval notice when you renew H1 and H4 while in the country?

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  • vivek_k
    08-13 12:10 PM
    NSC is going very tough on A2P issues. I have had a A2P issues on my 140 with Nebraska. Suggest you hire a good attorney and you can resolve this in your favour. PM me if you need any additional information.

    What is A2P? Thanks.


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  • uppaji
    10-27 03:28 PM
    My labor was filed in Feb 2003. I got my 45 day letter last year or so and was replied by my employer. But still now no word on it? What do you suggest? Are we supposed to contact USCIS through my attorney?
    Please suggest.

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  • gc_check
    06-24 06:44 PM
    If I-140 is approved and priority date is current is it possible to keep on extending H1B for couple of years without applying for I-485? I am asking this quetion because my employer is not allowing me to apply for I-485 as my I-140 is pending. It looks like he want to use me for couple of years on H1b.

    You can apply for I-485, Even if I-140 is pending. Talk to your employer and use this opporturnity to get I-485 filed asap.


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  • B+ve
    04-09 08:55 PM
    Hi There,
    My 485 application is pending at TSC on EB3 category, country of chargebility is Inida. Yesterday my PERM labor approved on EB2 category and need to apply 140 to recapture my own EB3 PD.

    My employer will come under NSC. if the PD recaptured, I will be hardly one month away from my priority date to be current, as per the current visa bulletin dates.

    So can you please provide some suggestion to which Service Center will be opt for filing EB2 140 now, in order for getting an optimal process for 140 and eventually 485?
    Or does the service center really matters as it will take a very long time for me to get greened?


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  • nashorn
    08-12 03:55 AM
    Nothing. Figured application has to be transfered from NSC to TSC. That is going to take more time.


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  • keyboard2pc
    06-12 12:54 PM

    I completed my 6th year H1B in April 2010 and am currently on a 7th year extension based on a pending PERM application with my current employer.

    I am currently considering taking an offer from a new employer who is willing to process my H1b transfer and my question is:

    1) Is it possible to transfer a 7th year extension to a new employer given that PERM will still be pending?

    2) If yes, will I need to give them any evidence regarding the pending PERM as I don't have any document on it except the receipt number from DOL.

    3) My current H1b expiration date is in April 2011. If the new employer files for an H1b transfer in July 2010, will I get the same H1b expiration date or a new one (i.e. July 2011)?
    This is important in my case because my wife who is currently a LPR will be eligible to become a US Citizen in June 2011 and I will likely not need to go through the PERM process.

    Any advice on the above will help a lot.

    Thank you!!!!!

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  • diptam
    08-12 11:27 PM
    Hope this helps ..


    My wife and I applied for the AOS (I-485, EAD and AP for my wife and I-485 for me). I was wondering

    1. As to who will receive the receipt number? Will my attornery receive it or will I receive it?

    Ans> If you attorney sent the app he will receive RN. I will receive ( if it at all comes ) at my home because i didn't hire an attorney.

    2. Will it be a letter or an email from USCIS?
    Ans > Letter in USPS mail.

    3. I am the primary applicant. My wife may be offered a permanent position with the company she is working for on a consultant basis. Now the question is - Can she take the offer before her EAD is approved? I mean to say - Can she transfer her H1B processed for the company? Will she have any problem with the AOS application as her paper work (new I797) is changing? We are very confused with this.

    Ans > If she has an valid H1B let her take the new offer by transferring H1B( if that company does H1B transfer) . EAD can be kept in lockers.

    As long as she sent the latest I-797 when the AOS was applied that should be fine. Worst case USCIS may ask the new I-797 in an RFE.

    Really appreciate your answers!

    Thank you very much!


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  • vegaspd
    06-01 06:03 PM
    I received a notice from uscis

    "USCIS will use the priority date that must benefits the applicant, your request has been sent to your file"

    Anybody has any idea what this means.

    Thank you all

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  • trueguy
    05-21 09:36 AM
    Few things:

    1. The inventory of Pending I485 is not reliable.

    2. If they approve all pending EB2 it means they have to move the PD forward and as they move the PD, new applications will be filed. There are thousands of EB2 labor approved and they are waiting to file I-485

    3. Even if there is any spillover to EB3, nobody knows how USCIS will give those spillover number, will they go to EB3-ROW first or they will go as per the PD of Individuals regardless of Country of Origin.


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  • morchu
    05-15 10:09 AM
    You are not the primary, right? Your job has nothing to do with the GC case. So you can do whatever regarding your job.
    whether one can take a employer sanctioned long leave of absence for a genuine reason in this case( child care).

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  • razors_edge
    09-06 01:03 PM
    Her petetion is filed in May. And she travelled out of USA last month. So you need to do is to start working and get a visa stamp of H1 when you go out of the country.

    Note from Pappu:
    razors_edge IV discourages any advertising on this site. I have removed the signature, advertising your company's immigration services. Thanks.


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  • gopi544
    06-30 11:35 AM
    Thanks for the quick replay,

    So it means that if she dose not have the AP with her while she leave US, she can not use it.
    Can she go for the visa stamping in India and enter in H4? would there be any problem if she goes to visa stamping and enter in H4 while her AP is in process/approved.

    Thanks again for the suggestion.

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  • jsb
    02-13 10:15 AM
    Please join the conference call.

    Date: 02/15/2009
    Time:8:00 PM(EST)

    Please PM me or mirage for details.
    Who other than IV is expected or invited in this call? Do we have any agenda, or just a brain storming?


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  • gcpool
    04-19 05:27 AM
    I dont think we are doing any wrong here. I think it helps people. People can search who are the H1B and GC sponsoring companies. You can search about lawyers who have filed H1B and Green Cards.

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  • waiting4gc02
    02-28 02:33 PM
    On the VFS site it lists the following docs:

    Spouse / Dependent Children
    1. Passport, visa fee receipt issued by HDFC Bank and interview appointment letter.
    2. The original Notice of Action Form I-797 of the Principal Applicant.
    3. Form I-129 (if Form I-797 is a blanket permit, copy of Form I-797 and I-129) of the Principal Applicant, and letter from employer that describes the relationship with the Principal Applicant and the purpose of travel.
    4. Photocopy of the Principal Applicant�s valid visa (if applying separately).
    5. Original Marriage Certificate (for spouse) along with your entire wedding photo album.
    6. Original Birth certificate (for each child).

    The one that stands out is #4.

    Since I am in the US and have NOT gone for Visa Stamping, how can we furnish this..??


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  • Saralayar
    07-10 05:45 PM
    IMO there is a good chance you will qualify for EB2. When doing educational evaluation, you should base your claim on your masters degree. That way you would qualify.

    The worst part is in justifying an EB2 case. As the job market is very bad and many US citizens with the required qualification for the position are available, it will be very difficult for the company to justify that no one in this country is available except you for this position. Lot of big companies are afraid as there is a strict AUDIT that will be enforeced by USCIS in case they have a doubt about the non availability of a citizen for that position.

    11-12 02:22 PM
    Do you know Ozone layer depletion is because of Anti-Immigrants?
    These anti-Immigrants are all mostly Jobless people who are incompetent in their jobs. They are lazy fat bums who sit on their a$$ and fart all day from behind as well as from their mouth using hate speech. This has caused too much of harmful gases in atmostphere and have depleted ozone. Their extra weight has sunken many couches and added a lot of broken couches in junkyards. These disposed couches are adding extra weight on the earth and causing earth to sink 1 milimeter every year. A new study will soon be reported in the Onion news.


    11-07 11:21 PM

    I was current starting Sept 1 and did not get my GC till Oct second week. However, during the first week of Oct., I wrote a detailed letter to Secy. Napolitano and also to the Ombudsman. I got my GC subsequently. Yesterday, someone from USCIS called me and said that he was calling in response to my letter to Secy. Napolitano. He congratulated me on my GC and asked me if everything had gone OK and if he could close my letter out. Just thought that this information might help someone who is stuck in the queue of being current, but not getting a GC. Please file 7001 form with Ombudsman and contact Secy Napolitano if you are in this situation.

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