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  • smisachu
    09-04 05:16 PM
    If the company is moving within the same county then no issues.

    If it's moving to a different state (or) to a different county within the same state, then refer the following thread

    Remember, the prevailing wage differs from county to county even within the same state.

    How about if the company moves with in the same state but different county. My company is moving to a bigger facility as we have outgrown the current facility. I have applied for I-485 on July 3rd and my I-140 is already approved.
    Seeing that under AC21, they give flexibility to move to a different employer and different state, I think the law would be flexible enough to accomodate moving of the work location within the same state with same employer.

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  • gc_in_30_yrs
    02-28 03:25 PM
    The easiest solution would be going to MataMoros, Mexico for stamping. This is the best option for us. Easy, affordable, and takes only 1 day. India, you need to answer several questions, interview to be attended, and ofcourse, they treat everybody as though the person requesting for visa is a criminal.

    I went to mexico couple of days back, and it was done easily

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  • indio0617
    01-30 12:15 PM
    If I have an approved labor and switch attorneys, is it mandatory for current attorney to hand over the approved labor and all relevant documents to the new attorney or can he choose NOT to give it ?

    Just wanted to run it by you guys and seek your views on it. I do know that the LC is employer's property .


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  • waitin_toolong
    10-03 11:40 AM
    as soon as you get it.


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  • abcka111
    05-14 01:35 AM
    Any help from an attorney would be appreciated

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  • svr_76
    12-17 11:40 AM
    setup monthly contri for $50...


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  • TheCanadian
    04-13 01:31 AM
    Congrats everyone!!!

    Thanks for the contest Kirupa :hoser:

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  • nfinity
    08-08 02:24 PM
    They will be able to provide you an emergency AP. This has happened in the past. If you can prove the emergency, you can get AP in a few hours.


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  • upuaut
    08-30 12:41 AM
    try 6.0 version ai as the file type.

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  • akkakarla
    08-26 11:56 AM
    Hello Guys

    I was told by the information officer that my application is under extended background check. Does anyone know what extended background check is?

    Did anyone face the same situation? What are they even trying to do?


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  • vikrant29nov
    03-05 06:32 AM
    Thx :)

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-02 07:20 PM
    Recently an undated USCIS draft memorandum surfaced. The Memo was offering administrative relief options to promote family unity, foster economic growth, achieve significant process improvements, and reduce the threat of removal for certain individuals present in the United States without authorization. Here is the entire memo for our readers to view:

    Undated Internal USCIS Draft Memorandum Discusses Administrative Alternatives to CIR ( more documents ( from usvisalaw (

    Shortly after the memo leaked to the public the Immigration service had this to say:

    �Internal draft memos do not and should not be equated with official action or policy of the Department. We will not comment on notional, pre-decisional memos. As a matter of good government, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will discuss just about every issue that comes within the purview of the immigration system. We continue to maintain that comprehensive bipartisan legislation, coupled with smart, effective enforcement, is the only solution to our nation's immigration challenges. Internal memoranda help us do the thinking that leads to important changes; some of them are adopted and others are rejected. Our goal is to implement policies wisely and well to strengthen all aspects of our mission. The choices we have made so far have strengthened both the enforcement and services sides of USCIS � nobody should mistake deliberation and exchange of ideas for final decisions. To be clear, DHS will not grant deferred action or humanitarian parole to the nation�s entire illegal immigrant population.�

    What can we learn from all this? Comprehensive immigration reform may not happen in the near future, but some sort of a step by step change is likely to occur sooner than later. Even USCIS is eager for this to happen, expect more "leaks" coming up.

    More... (


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  • jkamel5
    04-07 04:48 AM
    I have 2 lawyers to select from. Both are good. One of them is the lawyer company (his office locate in the same city) which is the most expensive. The other lawyer is really good and his expenses is pretty good.

    My question is that: Is it better to stuck with the company lawyer as he can handle the perm better. That may because he knows well where to advertise? Or it does not matter? I am just worried that the lawyer that live in another state will not know very well about the city and where he should advertise.

    As anyone think, I also want to make sure that he does not over advertise such that we may get many applicants?

    Please advise me if I should stuck with the company lawyer or it does not matter?

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  • surabhi
    06-03 09:54 AM
    I will be getting married to a H1 holder in India and because of the time involved in obtaining a marriage certificate, am planning to leave shortly after the wedding with my existing B2/tourist visa. What are my options of applying for a H4 once I do that - would I have to come back to India to apply for that, or can it be done from Canada/Mexico - are there any risks pertaining to intent of travel associated with such an action. Thanking you in advance for valuable help in this matter!

    From Ron Gotcher

    He can do that, but there is a chance that the CIS will reject the change of status application on the basis of preconceived intent. If he does come here, he should wait 60 days before filing the change of status application. My recommendation is that he apply for an H-4 abroad and then enter using the H-4 visa.


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  • aguy
    08-03 04:15 PM

    My NIW/I-140 application has been pending for a year. During this time, I have more qualifications added to my resume. Is there a mechanism to send my updated resume or should I just let it be?


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  • ronhira
    09-14 08:23 AM
    and who are you? some agent of a tracker website who just wants to create an unrest here by dividing between eb3 and eb3? Or r u a twin brother of tunnel rat? next time, try a with an authentic post, otherwise your effort is wasted....

    btw, u have to have a service from vonage if you want to refer someone

    Hello all,

    Is there any california chapter esp in Nor Cal.
    We have to unite EB3 Guys and strike hard!!!
    I have heard that next bulletin might bring breaking news for EB3I community but still we cannot keep relying on VBs.
    It is like going to Jyotish for knowing future.

    EB2 Guys, you should also help us even though if you are getting GCs faster...

    Please provide me information on California chapter. I have just joined IV.
    I believe it is high time to fight back.

    (btw if anybody wants to have vonage $24.99, please let me know. I can refer you)


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  • voicerj
    05-12 02:18 PM

    Is it possible to file I-140 without joining the employer? Can one join the employer after the PERM and I-140 are approved? Any risks in this case?


    To my knowledge, you can definitely get your I-140 filed without Joining the employer as i know of some folks who have done that. But incase you are in the country and file I-485 when you dates become current, you have to be with the employer who files your I-485

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  • cantwait4gc
    09-13 09:56 PM
    Here is my situation.....
    My EB3 140 approved with priority date 01June2002 --> Company A

    My EB2 140 pending with priority date 10May2006 -->Company A (different title...future position)

    Can i port my EB3 priority date (June 2002) to EB2 application & apply I-485?.If i do, will my EB3 140 gets invalid?.I will need to file 3 year H1B extn(in Oct) based on my approved EB3 application & don't want to loose my approved 140.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • inskrish
    07-23 12:24 AM
    Just curious. Is there anything special with the date "07/18/08"?:)

    12-27 10:09 PM
    Hey all,

    I just efiled my EAD. (first one, not renewal). Do I need to send any supporting documents?

    If so which ones?

    They asked about previous EADs and I had 2 of them (one main, other interim 90 day rule) for my OPT after masters. Do I need to send a copy of those?

    Plz help.

    08-13 10:32 AM about closing this thread..please.

    Lets create new thread for every application received by every different person and track each of them ....

    Why can't we spend some time on DC rally and do something productive then tracking who received your application..

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