Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pics Of Nicki Minaj Mother

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  • InTheMoment
    07-29 11:02 AM
    A good attorney would never recommend job description in such micro terms. What does your labor certification say ? Match it as much to that one. CIS is not concerned about that level of micro detail (servlets or XML). The description should be a a level that can be easily understood by an adjudicator.

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  • TheCanadian
    04-16 10:49 AM
    Means you two have and 86% chance of makin' bacon.

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  • IWannaBeHowdy
    11-14 01:57 PM
    Thank you!! :)

    By the way, I got my FP notice for 23-Nov, a day after Thanks Giving. It looks like the original place for which I got the FP notice seem to open on that day. Is it true for all centers? What I mean to say is if a ASC is open in one region on a very likely holiday, the other ASCs would not be closed on the same day just because its a smaller center, will they?

    Since all ASCs are federal offices, so dates of closure and holidays should be same through out, shouldn't it? Unlike the post offices, some are open on Saturdays and some are see where I am going with this?

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  • Kodi
    11-05 01:36 PM
    WOW I'm sorry to hear this, I was on the same boat so I can understand. There's nothing you can do. Your employer or attorney can try to contact DOL. I filed May 07 as well, they audited and after replying nothing happened for a very long time. And then out of the blue they approved March of 08. My attorney said there's nothing we can do other than wait as they were auditing left and right, specially EB2. Eventhough my attorney send letters requesting updates they never responded.

    I guess I was extremly lucky to finally get approved.


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  • senk1s
    09-14 01:50 PM
    "The mission of Immigration Voice is to organize grassroots efforts and resources to solve several problems in the employment based green card process including (a) delays due to Retrogression (visa number unavailability for certain employment-based categories) (b) delays due to USCIS processing backlogs and (c) delays due to Labor Certification backlogs. We will work to remove these and other flaws by supporting changes to immigration law for high-skilled legal employment-based immigrants. High-skilled legal immigrants strengthen the United States' economy and help maintain American technological superiority"

    Yes with the media attention, there is some stigma to H1 ... we are asking to
    remove/reduce the long DELAYS
    Good point prince

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  • Scythe
    04-20 01:37 PM
    You're welcome!


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  • gcformeornot
    07-25 03:16 PM
    This additional poll needs to have an option for "Just you" - someone needs to take my additional 1.5 GC applications!
    how to modify poll to add option.

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  • RadioactveChimp
    04-09 02:56 AM
    compared to your, it is a banana peel. But thanks ;)


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  • leoindiano
    11-08 09:19 PM

    I had sent a letter yesterday to following address...

    Secretary Janet Napolitano
    Department of Homeland Security
    US Department of Homeland Security
    Washington DC 20528

    Is that the correct address??

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  • willgetgc2005
    04-28 02:51 PM
    Bumping up.....


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  • gcnirvana
    07-31 11:56 PM
    Please don't travel till you get your 485 Receipts. Recently I read in one of IV forums that someone's application was rejected because he/she travelled while his/her application was in process. Talk to your attorney before doing it.
    Good Luck!

    My wife is planning to go for H4 visa stamping in October. My question is can she go alone and what kind of documents she need. Our I-485 applications have reached USCIS on July 2nd. Any reply will be greatly appreciated.

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  • small2006
    06-03 09:58 AM
    I am posting this on behalf of a friend. They (husband/wife) got their green card approval last week, however they got 2 RFEs for their 2 kids. The RFE is about a vaccine called PNEUMOCOCCAL (PCV/PPV) that's not been administered for the kids. The RFE mentions the requirement for this vaccine but the doctor deemed it as NOT-AGE-APPROPRIATE in their filed medical forms.

    Our guess is that when they actually administered the vaccine about a year or so ago, it was deemed "Not age appropriate" but now upon approval, the USCIS deems it necessary. I'd appreciate it if anybody with similar experience can post as to how they handled the situation or any insights into who to talk to is also much appreciated. The family is currently not in the country and therefore their options are limited in terms of talking to or meeting someone face to face. Also they need to respond to the RFE by June 24...



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  • javadeveloper
    07-24 10:41 AM
    Hi ,

    I was working for company A and got my labor and I-140 approved and then i changed to company B. My priority date is jan 2005. Is there any way that i can continue my green card process with company A. WOuld be of great help if somone can tell me if there is any way to do it.

    company A can continue your GC process while you working for company B,Talk to company A about this.I guess company A asks you to join their company , for that you need to apply H1 transfer from B to A.It's not a big problem talk to company A first.Good Luck

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  • arunmohan
    04-20 01:41 PM
    a chicago based firm visa now is handeling my case for immigration issues.i would like to know if anybody rendered their services in the past.please send PM if you don,t want to put on the thread.


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  • voldemar
    04-18 01:52 PM
    I know but if it is implemented how would it affect my situation?You will have 45 days after enacting the rule.

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  • onemorecame
    03-18 10:36 AM
    Today i saw Soft LUD on my approved I-140. Is anybody else got same thing?


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  • alterego
    12-04 07:23 PM
    Indeed. 140s are getting a lot of RFEs nowadays and are once again taking nearly a year. It is a brave soul that will avail themselves of the AC21 180 portability provision without an approved 140 petition.
    The main points are the following, if you get an RFE and it has anything to do with your employer eg. ability to pay etc, can you count on them to send in that paperwork. If your employer withdraws the 140 application then you are left without a plank to stand on for your 485 as well.
    Basically you are on very thin ice if you invoke AC21 absent an approved 140. If you are contemplating such a move, you should atleast consider doing it on a H1b visa as back up.
    These are my views, please consult an attorney.

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  • Queen Josephine
    September 4th, 2005, 09:35 AM
    Ok, you know I love your pictures, so I played with curves and masking. Since I've been on the coast many times, I know those cliffs have a lot more detail than your photo, so I wanted to bring them out. I went for subtlety and not intensity in the color version. I don't know if it looked like this or not, but this is what I imagine it to be. Layering and adjusting curves can significantly change the "feel" of the picture to more closely emulate what you saw.

    Also, I really like the BW version for dramatic feel. Michael Michael Michael.... you do such nice work... there's always a jewel in the center with a bit of tweakin... that's what I love about your work! Many possibilities with one pic! :)

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  • jthomas
    05-04 10:16 PM
    Hi, I am on At Will Employment, employer laid off on April 30 2009. I had seen in discussions, if employer laid off we an ask him for Return Flight Tickets. I need to confirm because i was on At Will Employment.
    Plz reply me soon

    If you were on H1B
    1. the employer has to provide you one way return ticket to your actual destination. this is the law.

    If this can be done,
    1. Tell your employer to give you one month vacation and keep you on the payroll. In that case, you can start applying for a job and if you get a job you should be saved. You would have to call employers rather than depending on rectruiters
    2. If possible change to F1 visa,
    3. Promptly apply for canadian immigration and move to canada, since you were in US in H1B there are high chances you would get a canadian PR within 6-8 months.
    4. At least complete the FBI clearance when you are at US to apply for canadian PR.
    5. Check for other oppurnities.

    1. Describe your skillset and the nature of work. Maybe someone from IV would help you.
    2. Ask for help if you need something. Most of the IV members i got in touch are really helpful. In turn i have helped few of them.

    J Thomas

    05-28 01:48 PM
    If you are actually using the EAD you cannot work in the interim though. Just an FYI
    how will the uscis know that during the interim period my work is authorized and not mistake it saying the EAD is expired and does an RFE?

    02-23 06:15 PM
    Hi, My mother lives in Haiti, i was not able to file a petition for her before the earthquake happened. Now with all of that going on, i need to know how to file and get her quicker to the us? Any response will be greatly appreciated, thank you

    I don't know the solution to your problem but I was listening to NPR the other day and they were talking about unknown organizations just trying to catch unawares by getting money up to $4K in promise of filing paperwork to get their family from Haiti to the US.

    What ever you do, please use caution and common sense.

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