Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • raj3078
    08-27 12:32 PM
    You can claim UI... I used the benefit earlier and the UI office was very helpful. It is insurance and a public burden. It would not be held against you in AOS adjustment. But again, I am not a lawyer so my opinion is strictly mine and should not be considered as legal opinion.....

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  • WaldenPond
    08-29 10:04 PM
    The lawyer should have received the receipt of I-140. It would be best to ask your lawyer a copy of the I-140 receipt for your record. Using the case number from the I-140 receipt notice you could check the status of your application online at:

    Hope this is useful.

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  • ajcates
    10-31 12:35 PM
    There is a show on nickelodeon that instead of macs has pears.

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  • gullu786
    03-24 03:42 PM
    Do we need to state the reason for canada visit as tourism or state the true objective (ie get a H1B Visa stamping)? My US F-1 visa has expired, so it would be obvious that I cannot return without a new US Visa?



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  • EB2_Jun03_dude
    04-22 01:07 PM
    very funny yabadaba!

    My understanding of a soft LUD is that your case was accessed for something... but since my PD/RD is current, I was wondering if others in the same boat have any recent soft LUDs ?

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  • DSP
    01-13 01:38 AM
    I had my parents and my grandmom visit me last year. All three of them went together for the visa interview at Delhi. The only question the officer asked my father was - Why do you want to take your Mom to visit the US 'now'? and my dad replied, 'If I do not take her now, when will I take her?'. They all got a 10 year visa.

    Hope that helps,
    All the best!


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  • jchan
    03-23 09:00 AM
    Hi Elaine, I have a similar issue. I work for a consulting company, the company headquarter is town A (the same with LCA location) and I have been working for client in town B since several years ago. I have asked my employer whether I need to get an H1B amendment, my employer said since town A and B belong to the same metropolitan statistics area and are within commutable distance (9 miles), there's no need to do amendment. Should I be worried with the new memo coming out?

    appreciate your answer.

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  • permfiling
    07-28 03:59 PM
    Hi folks,
    I have a appointment at calgary, canada for my H1 extension visa stamping. Any one has experience in Calgary.

    My spouse entered the US on H4, she has a MBBS degree from india and she got H1 sponsored by a reputed university to do research.

    I read on the posts that first time H4 to H1 stamping might pose a issue in canada if a person does not have degrees from US or Canada.

    Please let me know.


    Contributed 500 to IV


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  • ramausa
    09-04 12:14 AM
    I've got my L1A visa valid till MARCH 2010 with company A. Meanwhile my H1B VISA got approved thru company B for this year.i would like to continue in my L1(company A) for few months until i find a suitable project with the employer who processed my H1(company B).
    how long can I continue in my L1 status
    a)if it is a fresh H1B ?
    b)if the H1 is a "change of status"?
    c)what can i do if i need to retain L1A VISA status for the period after the Change of Status happens ?
    pls help.
    thanks in advance for your answers

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  • shan74
    01-11 08:41 PM
    i think it is based on the LC requirements. For EB2, u need " A petition for a foreign professional holding an advanced degree may be filed when the job requires an advanced degree (beyond the baccalaureate) and the alien possesses such a degree or the equivalent. The petition must include documentation, such as an official academic record showing that the alien has a U.S. advanced degree or a foreign equivalent degree, or an official academic record showing that the alien has a U.S. baccalaureate degree or a foreign equivalent degree and letters from current or former employers showing that the alien has at least 5 years of progressive post-baccalaureate experience in the specialty."

    Let me know if i am wrong


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  • DrRobot
    06-28 06:44 PM
    Nevermind, i have it figured out. i should've just made the Array a bool[,] (i did, thats how it was fixed).

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  • ashrock11
    06-14 08:02 AM
    Not on speaking terms. Not legally divorced also.

    Thanks for your responses.


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  • speddi
    03-27 04:24 PM
    This one is for a nutritional clinical trial. I dont see any risks in this. Thank you for the information.

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  • hotshots
    06-22 11:16 AM
    My friend who is currently working for a IT consulting firm has applied for H1B transfer to a direct hire position with a leading healthcare co. He is currently maintaining H1B status, working and getting paid.

    He came to US originally on L1B in 2005 and applied for a L1 to H1B transfer (with change of status) which was approved in Oct 2006. The problem - he continued working for the L1B firm till Dec 06 and then joined the H1B employer. At that time, he did not know that he was supposed to start working for H1B employer right from Oct 2006 when the COS was approved. The lawyer who filed the application advised him that it was OK to continue working for the L1B firm till Dec. He has subsequently maintained H1B status at all times and has even travelled out of the country, got H1B stamped etc. without any issue.

    - Was he out of status for 2 months (Oct to Dec 2006) when he continued working for the L1 firm even after COS approval?
    - Could this be a problem for the H1B transfer that has been currently applied for. Does USCIS check only whether the individual is currently maintaining H1B status, or do they go back and look for past periods also to determine status violations?
    - Even if USCIS determines he had violated his status, is there any provision (like 245k) which protects him for the current H1B transfer, since the potential out of status period was only 2 months?

    Thanks much!!


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  • smwarriar
    08-13 04:31 PM

    Congratulations on getting the F1 approved !

    I am also planning to convert my wife's status from H4 to F1. I would really appreciate if you could answer some of my doubts since I am also planning to apply F1 for my wife:

    - What are the precautions needed to be taken so as to avoid rejection ?

    - Can you send me the sample Cover letter you used for your application. I heard that its really important in decision of the application.

    - Also is it better to show the financial amount in Banks + Stocks ( would this potray as potential immigrant since money is inside USA ?). Or should I also show some property back in India so that it shows the ties back in india ?

    - I will be the sponsor for my wife and since I am on H1-B , will that have a negative (-ve) impact since H1-B is for DUAL intent visa category for immigration & temp work ?

    - How to show property valules in India ? An Affidavit or Original documents or how to combine all together ? does everything need to be certified by SAME lawyer or an authorized Attested official (because if yes, will an Indian Attested document suffice ?)

    Thanks once again for your help , I really appreciate it... have a good day...


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  • Rajeev
    07-02 10:05 AM
    You need to turn in all your I-94 cards, e.g. I-94 below the H1B approval notice, change of status. When you re enter the new I-94 card will have a new number so old ones if you kept would become useless. I would highly recommend that make copies of all your I-94 cards at I-485 they can ask you provide old I-94 cards Have seen cases where this has happened.

    Thanks a lot for your reply.


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  • GotFreedom?
    10-06 07:26 PM
    If the H1-B holder's labor is pending for at least a year then an 1 year extentions are granted. If the H1-B holder has an approved I-140 petition, the extention is granted for 3 years. I'm on my 9th year of H1B.

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  • fromnaija
    10-18 11:03 AM

    I anticipate an inevitable situation arising out regarding my parents' health, that would require us to move back to India sometime in 2007. My EB2 NIW PD is Dec 2004. Does somebody out there with knowledge about issues and procedures connected with transferring from AOS application to Consular processing in India?


    You can change from AOS to Consular Processing. It's the other way around that's not possible. I wish your parents a speed recovery of their health.

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  • Refugee_New
    08-27 11:43 AM
    Does anyone know if people who've filed for I-485 can claim unemployment insurance?......The client where I was working cancelled my project due to budget cuts :(....I was wondering if I can claim unemployment till I find a new job. Does any one know any non-desi companies hiring in the Michigan, Ohio, Illinois or Midwest in general?.....I am PMI certified Project Manager with J2EE background. Any prompt help would be highly appreciated.

    Michigan state DIT is hiring J2EE candidates. Recently few people joined the state. Try with the state.

    12-20 03:57 PM
    nice article by IV!

    07-18 04:05 PM
    This discussion is already going on in another thread.

    Here is the link

    Please search in the forums before opening a new thread.

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