Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • s416504
    11-17 08:48 AM
    Please Update your profile.

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  • sanjose16
    02-24 10:53 AM
    I would appreciate if any one can answer my question

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  • desi3933
    06-18 03:38 PM
    Suppose the 485 is filed for a position (salary 70K). When using AC21, does the salary in the new company matters? Suppose if its 110K?

    Also, does the title matter? Do we need to get the exact job title in the new company?

    It may be one the criteria to check if the new job is same or similar.

    Please check and verify details with your attorney/lawyer. This is NOT a legal advice.

    Permanent Resident since May 2002

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  • LostInGCProcess
    02-04 04:55 PM
    Not sure about specific places, but in general problems are when you are coming back to US.
    If you have stamped and valid h1b for returning back to US, you should be fine.

    I have not had any issue or heard of any issues while visiting mexico, hawaii or alaska

    Hawaii and Alaska are states that are part of US and you are free to travel anywhere in the 50 states of US without the need to show Visa or travel Document. However its not the same with Mexico. Its a different country.


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  • portalsguy
    10-11 10:43 PM
    I just got my labor approved for Masters degree and 3 years exp.

    I have 3 years B.Sc degree and 3 years MCA degree from India and my education eval. shows it as equivalent to MS in computer Science.

    In form ETA 750, under section 14, I have following data

    College degree required:
    Master of Science

    Major field of study
    Comp Sci/Engg,Info Sys Engg

    3 years

    Other fields under section 14 and 15 are blank.

    RIR Advertisement has mentioned following
    " Must have MS in Computer Science or Engineering, Information Systems Engineering or foreign degree equivalent with 3 years of relevant work experience."

    I am little confused about "College degree required:" field. It only says "Master of Science". Should it be "Master of Science Or foreign equivalent"?
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  • ashwaghoshk
    01-19 09:48 AM
    1. Yes it is true that nurses and physical therapists dont need to undergo any labour certification process. They can file the I140 directly. The only thing that they need to do before filing an I140 is that the hospital in which they are working will have to post an internal ad for 10 days. The ad will display the nurse wage and other details. Once you are done with displaying it for 10 days they can file the I140 directly.

    2. Nurse dont fall under H1B category. There is a specail category called T1 visa under which they fall. Since nurse degree is not at par with other graduation degrees like physical therapists they will not fall under H1. Irrespective of that, if the GC is filed for a nurse it will automatically go under the EB3 category.

    PTs and nurses had a special provision in 2005 and 2006 where they were getting green card on arrival. It is called a Schedule A category which gave 50k visas to these medical professionals few years back. At that time the requirement for nurse and PT was quite high and that's what caused the Bush administration to introduce those 50k visas. These visa exhausted soon and since Oct 2006 this category is also retrogressed.

    We dont know when the nurses and PTs will see the relief again; till then they continue to fall under the long EB3 queue.

    Hope that helps


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  • snathan
    05-16 12:32 PM
    I am on h4 visa now.It expires in Sep14,2011 .I have a company that wants to sponsor my H1 visa.the start date for the h1 visa would be 1st Oct,2011.
    Does this mean that i will be out of status for Sep14-Sep30, will i have to file for my h4 renewal for that period.also,would it affect my new h1 petition.

    Pls reply will be out of status during that period.

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  • raysaikat
    06-21 01:39 PM

    I have a question. I have H1B valid till 2012 under company A and I am working for company A now. Company B is offering me part time employment and they transferred existing H1B transfer. Now I have two H1Bs after transfer, literally. Am I correct? Now I am eligible to work for both the companies. Am I correct?

    There is nothing called H1-B *transfer*. Each employer does a brand new petition. Once the second petition is approved (and you got I-94, etc.), your status depends on how the second petition was filed:

    (i) If the second petition was filed as concurrent, then you can work for both the employers.
    (ii) Otherwise, you can work only for one employer.

    So you need to know how Company B filed their petition.


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  • axp817
    06-27 10:04 PM
    Isn't it a violation of the law, if NO reason is given while denying the 485?

    The only recent case I have seen on IV was where the member got a NOID stating that the 140 was withdrawn/revoked.

    So, here, a reason WAS given.

    Of course, the reason might have been incorrect, as the poster seemed to think.

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  • Tigran78
    03-11 01:15 PM

    I am Us citizen and sent a request letter with my Mom to US Embassy in Armenia to kindly grant my Mom a tourist visa to visit me and my new born son. I also signed and sent dully filled and signed Affidavit of Support form with all the requested paper work. However, my Mom was denied the tourist visa on the grounds that I did not returned to Armenia in 2000 (8 years Ago) before my J1 Visa expiration.
    But I got visa extension befor J1 visa expiration then applied for permanent resident and got my green card).
    I did not violate any regulation.
    What can I do ? Please Help.


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  • p_kumar
    07-20 01:27 PM
    Sorry to post it here.I did not know how to create a thread.:o

    Will this priority dates becoming current, affect the processing time of family based I-485?.my sis is a US citizen filing for my parents GC.It usually comes in 3 or 4 months but now ?????/
    any replies are appreciated. :D

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  • madhuri_sri
    10-03 01:14 PM
    Thanks everyone for the input.
    And also thanks for directing me to the other thread.its my bad.I shudnt have started it again.
    Thanks again.


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  • diptam
    07-01 03:59 PM
    'Department of Homeland Security'

    But if you have put USCIS - dont pull your hairs. You are still okay.

    This should be "Department of Homeland Security" per Attorney.

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  • M�rmUr3n
    04-19 07:41 PM
    That's a very cool effect, simple and interesting, nice job, but the price ,....mmm it needs something, don't you think?


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  • 08OCT2008
    01-25 08:34 AM
    IMO: 7th Year extn can be filed if PERM is pending for more than 365 days or if I-140 is approved.

    I am posting this on behalf of my friend who is on H1 (6th year expiring in Dec, 2011). His labor is yet to be filed and in this connection we have a question. Process has been initiated by employer and tentatively labor will be filed in June, 2011. Hoping that he will be done with labor or I-140 by November would he be eligible for 7th year H1 extension?

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  • asharma
    07-23 09:25 PM
    The questions in FAQ are very much similar to what are being asked at this website.
    Is it pure co-incidence or is USCIS reading the immigrationvoice questions???:D


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  • saravanaraj.sathya
    08-19 12:21 PM

    I am currently located in Buffalo, NY for my work. Anyone from Buffalo who is willing to join DC Rally pm me so that we can plan for car pool.

    Anyone from NY, BUF in IV?

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  • Can45
    03-04 10:07 AM
    I am now "current" with Nebraska and the latest Visa Bulletin. I have completed all other hurdles (including finger printing) how long should I expect now to wait now for my green card to be adjudicated ?

    Also, I have no idea about the FBI name check.. How do you even know if your file is being held up because of an FBI name check ?

    My status
    The March 2008 Visa Bulletin indicates they are proceessing up to priority date of 01 Jan 2005 (my PD date is Jan 2004)


    Nebraska Service Center Processing Dates -posted Feb 15 2008- indicates a I-485 EB �processing time frame� of July 30th 2007 (my receipt date is June 12 07/Notice date July 10 2007.

    Perhaps some of you had a similar experience and can kindly share how long you waited in the final step for the GC once you were "current".

    thank you !

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  • thakkarbhav
    02-07 08:45 PM
    Yes. They need atleast 3 months time to file new labor.

    07-31 10:26 PM
    24 and counting.

    Please join -

    06-23 11:53 AM
    I agree , We have a lot of Professionals among us and such activities will certainly help.

    Some of our members are very experienced in for ex: EAD questions, AC21 questions etc. We can build a skill DB and advertise these services at a much lower rates, Only hitch would be since we are not really Lawyers we may not be too accurate

    Any thoughts

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